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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cheese can sometimes get a bad rep for being high in calories and fat, but not all cheeses are created equal. Since most of the fat in cheese is saturated (the artery clogging kind), it’s important to opt for low fat varieties. I’m a cheese lover—and The Laughing Cow varieties are a part of my healthy eating plan.

About Laughing Cow
I’ve been enjoying The Laughing Cow wedges for many years.  Each portion controlled wedge has only 35 calories and comes in a variety of flavors. Their newest line – Smooth Sensations Cream Cheese Spreads comes in four flavors, all with 1/3 less fat and only 45 calories per serving. These are perfect to spread on your morning whole grain toast or enjoy with apples or whole grain pretzels as a snack. It’s also perfect to toss in your kids lunch box (back to school time is right around the corner!).

Ways to Enjoy:

  • Spread on your morning toast or waffle
  • Mix into scrambled eggs
  • Spread on whole grain crackers for a snack
  • Smear on sandwiches instead of mayo
  • Use as a dip for baby carrots, bell pepper strips, apple slices or celery sticks

The Laughing Cow also shared one of their yummy breakfast recipes with us.

Omega-3 & Protein-Packed Fresh Herb Breakfast Eggs


6 whole hard boiled eggs
3 wedges of The Laughing Cow Smooth Sensations Cream
3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
4 slices cooked bacon (*can also use turkey bacon)
1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 Tablespoon minced fresh tarragon
1 Tablespoon minced fresh dill
1 Tablespoon minced roasted red pepper
Dash of sea salt


  • Peel, then slice eggs in half lengthwise and place the yolks in a mixing bowl.
  • Set the whites on a plate (if they slide around, line the plate with lettuce leaves for serving).
  • To the egg yolks, add the remaining ingredients except the sea salt. Mix with a fork until evenly combined, breaking up the egg yolks as you mix.
  • Spoon the filling into the hole in the egg whites. Sprinkle with crunchy sea salt to season


Enter to Win!
One lucky commenter will receive:

  • A Laughing Cow insulated lunch bag
  • A sample pack of Laughing Cow’s new Smooth Sensation Cream Cheese Spread
    • 1 Classic Cream 1/3 less fat
    • 1 Strawberries and Cream 1/3 less fat
    • 1 Cinnamon Cream 1/3 less fat
    • 1 Garden Vegetable 1/3 less fat

To enter, tell me: “How would you enjoy your Laughing Cow cheese?”

The contest begins Wednesday August 15, 2012 at 8:00 AM EST and ends on Thursday August 16, 2012 at 5PM EST. You may only comment once to be considered and don’t need to purchase anything to win. Be sure to include your email address in the “Email” field when posting your comment so I can let you know if you won.  Only open to legal residents of 50 U.S. states, D.C. or Puerto Rico, and you must be at least 18 years of age to win. The Laughing Cow provided me with product for this review and the prize offered is sponsored by The Laughing Cow. Check out their website and find them on Facebook and twitter.

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132 Comments on “Win Laughing Cow Cheese!

Renata Says:

I love Laughing Cow triangles melted into my scrambled eggs! Mmmm! Thank you so much for the fun healthy giveaway!

Tera Norberg Says:

I love to use Laughing Cow crumbled on top of tacos, salads, spread on Ak Mak crackers or just right out of the wrapper! Great giveaway!!

Georgiana Says:

I love Laughing Cow spread on toast for breakfast and also spread on my lunch sandwiches for a healthy mayo substitute! Thank you as these flavors sound so yummy!

Angie @ Losing It and Loving It Says:

I would enjoy Laughing Cow cheese spread on a wrap or on top of crackers. Sounds good melted in eggs yum.

Julie hogate Says:

I love cheese and thank goodness for laughing cow! I was able to loose 30ibs and have my cheese! My favorite is to put a wedge of swiss inside a home made turkey burger. At work I spread some on Wasa crackers to get through those late afternoon munches. Desèrt is apple slices with laughing cow cream cheese. Thank you laughing Cow! I havnt felt deprived, and now the other teachers I work with keep it in the fridge in our lounge. Yummmmm

H. Rubenstein Says:

Melted over shiraki noodles for a low cal pasta Alfredo

Dani Hogate Says:

Our family loves laughing cow. It’s always in the fridge and when it’s not, trust me it’s a catastrophe. I love to melt it worth tofu noodles and spread it on French bread to broil for a low-calorie garlic bread. Theyre easy to put right into my purse so I can plop it in when I have an early morning class on campus. It definatly helps me avoid the freshman 15 that way. I use it as a spread for my veggie burger. I love laughing cow, and I dont know what I’d do without it.

Lisa Lodter Says:

I would enjoy it with my lunch at work each day! yummy

Laura Case Says:

I love using laughing cow in my pasta as a creamy sauce substitute. Fettucine Alfredo… NOM NOM!

jen gersch Says:

I would enjoy this atop a sesame seed bagel

sydney Says:

Love laughing cow cheese in eggs or on bagels!!

debbie Says:

Oh, I am soooo boring. I love my Laughing Cow on bagels, toast and biscuits!

nikki Says:

I would enjoy the cream cheese spread on a bagel. Love Laughing Cow!!

Amanda Says:

I would enjoy my Laughing Cow Cheese on spread onto my buns for my lean burgers, OR on my eggs…OR I use it on Wasa Crispbread for a nice light snack =)

Wally Says:

There packaging is so great for taking to work and using on bagels and other things.

Karen Ramsay Says:

I always enjoy my Laughing Cow all by itself!

Sue Says:

Soooo many ways!! Love Laughing Cow Swiss in Baked Chicken con don Blue. Have not tried the cream cheese. Im sure it’s delish!!

Ruth Ostrander Says:

I love eating laughing cow cheese on Ritz cracker with my 3 grandsons gathered around to share. Next year, when the other 3 (triplets) are old enough, there will be 6 to share with; all boys!! 🙂

Leanne Matthews Says:

I like to eat it on toast or crackers.

Mae Jensen Says:

Love Laughing Cow on crackers, my skinny bagels..need to get more adventurous!!!

Irma Metviner Says:

My answer is to the quesytion, how do I enjoy my Laughing Cow cheese not how would I. Laughing Cow cheeses are one of the best ‘diet’ finds in existance. The creamy texture and wonderful flavors are a great addition to any diet. I have several different flavors in my fridge. I enjoy the cheese on crackers, in eggs, in tofu noodles on a mini bagel or with an apple or celery.

Donna Says:

I would eat it on crackers for a tasty midday snack (the original and veggie), or spread on homemade banana bread as a dessert (strawberry or cinnamon)

Christina Says:

One of my favorite snacks or part of a meal is the Queso variety spread on a low-carb tortilla — Yum!
If I’m on the go, I’ll use some crackers to dip right into the wedge, too 🙂

Shannon J. Says:

I would enjoy my laughing cow cream cheese tucked inside a grilled jalapeno popper – YUM!

KarenK Says:

I take a few wedges of blue cheese Laughing Cow, add some Frank’s Buffalo sauce, melt in micro, add some fat free milk, stir and dip baked tortilla chips in it. YUM!

Cheryl Messick Says:

I would enjoy this cheese on some celery for a healthy snack.

Jessica Lagana Says:

I like my Laughing Cow Cheese spread on a toasted baguette topped with sliced tomatoes, onions and spinach leaves YUM!

Stephanie Says:

I just love to have laughing cow spread on my toast….mmmmmm!

Shari Says:

I love Laughing Cow with my pretzels for a snack. Delicious!!!



Cheryl Rosado Says:

I enjoy laughing cow mini babybel cheese, it’s my favorite variety! Our whole family has one with lunch everyday, and my daughter loves peeling it out of the wax.

Laura Says:

Cinnamon Cream Cheese on Cinnamon Raisin Bagel Thins….best breakfast ever!!!

Tami Torok Says:

The strawberries & cream laughing cow is delicious on chocolate graham crackers!!

Melissa Ross Says:

I like my Laughing Cow cheese on crackers. 🙂

Kay Says:

I’d love this mixed into scrambled eggs or melted into pasta!

gina Says:

I would enjoy spread on crackers.

Dawn R Says:

I enjoy Laughing Cow for my 3pm snack. But most creative, I’ve used the Queso wedges in Quesadillas … so good!

Nora-Lee Says:

Would definitely be on a whole wheat bagel hmmm yummy

Nan Says:

I love it on toast, crackers, bagels… come to think of it, I JUST LOVE LAUGHING COW CHEESE!

Judy Dailey Says:

I was able use laughing cow to replace my addiction to cheese while on WW diet. I am very inventive with it and no longer crave Colby or chedder cheese.

Kathy D Says:

I use it in so many ways. Love it melted (cooked) over a chicken dish. I eat it everyday, usually with stacys pita chips.

Carissa P Says:

I would enjoy it was crackers or pita chips for a snack, but I love the idea of replacing other cheeses in my recipes! Thanks for the giveaway!

Amy Contreras Says:

We enjoy the garden vegetable schmeered on a tortilla with turkey and the strawberries and cream on toasted bagels! Yum!

Tina Says:

I would enjoy using this instead of mayo on my sandwiches. Yummy!!!

Carol Harris Says:

I love it straight out of the package 😛 but sometimes it makes it to the wheat crackers

Julie Guess Says:

I love my Laughing Cow cheese on crackers shared with my kids, as long as they leave me some.

Karen Lynn P Says:

I enjoy my Laughing Cow cheese as the guilty indulgence it is but without the guilt and calories. So yummy for lunch with pretzels and apple slices and spread on just about anything!

And an insultated bag – woo hoo!

Linda Says:

Love Laughing Cow – especially the strawberry and cinnamon versions! I use them on crackers for a snack! Yummy!

c topal Says:

Laughing Cow spreadable cheese on a dill triscuit with a cherry tomato sliced on top…YUMMY!!

Marilynn Walton Says:

We most often eat it on top of some whole grain crackers.

Audrey Says:

I love a laughing cow wedge on a thomas bagel thin. The best combination!

sofia rodriguez Says:

Cheese lover here!!! Thanks to Laughing cow i get my overdose of it regularly LOL. My fave way to have it is with a chicken dish i made myself :D. Slice a chicken breast in half as to create a “pouch” i put one slice of laughing cow garlinc and herb inside,, spread evenly, fold the chicken back and wrap it with one slice of turkey bacon. place in oven with drain pan, serve with veggies and brown or steamed rice (my son loves this) and viola… “gourmet” dinner 😀

Brenda Says:

I use Laughing Cow on my morning egg sandwiches and on bagel thins and salmon snacks. The choice of flavors plus creamyness is a great substitution for mayo and a slice of cheese. Just bought a 3 pack at Sams

Shelley Baumeister Says:

I love Laughing Cow on bagels thins and high fiber crackers!

Heather Says:

I haven’t tried any of the new flavors as past experiments led me to be loyal to the garlic herb. I’d love another shot at expending my palete!

Yasuko Jung Says:

I simply enjoy them as a healthy snack!!

Jennifer J. Says:

Garlic and Herb melted into spinach and stuffed into a pork lion is the best. With these flavors I would enjoy them on whole grain toast or Wassa crisps.

Hannah Says:

I LOVE Laughing Cow cheese. We use it on eggs in the morning and turkey sandwiches at lunch. It’s also great to spread onto celery.

Janell Says:

Want to try these for the kids’ lunches. They like to take mini bagels so this would be great!

Lauren Sheets Says:

I always enjoy Laughing Cow Cheese with some crackers or veggies and my son! They’re his favorite snack!

Rhonda Vandergriff Says:

Laughing Cow queso wedges are wonderful to mix with taco meat for tacos or taco salad. Mix them with salsa for a Mexican dressing. The cream cheese wedges are delicious for breakfast. Use them as toppers for waffles, etc. I think you could mix them with powdered sugar or a sugar substitute as an icing for a cupcake.

Renay Rollander Says:

I enjoy Laughing Cow on my breakfast bagel…..YUMMY!

Cyndi Jorgensen Says:

I want to try the cheese with tomato and basil.

Terri Ingham-Bollin Says:

I love Laughing Cow crumbled on top of tacos.

N. L. Brady Says:

I eat Laughing Cow in my house
And with a mouse
Or in the park
For a lark
Laughing Cow on my eggs
Helps me stretch my arms and legs
I will eat it here and there
I will eat Laughing Cow anywhere
(Apologies to Dr. Seuss)

Kitsy Bridges Says:

I would just lick it right out of the wedge. All of the laughing cow cheese spreads are FANTASTIC!

Dianne Bond Says:

I would love it on a mini bagel for breakfast!

Jenny Says:

I love Laughing Cow cheese. Use it in my eggs, on my sweet potatoes and with pretzels. Yum!

Kathleen Smith Says:

Laughing Cow is my favorite brand of cheese. I love using it in the usual ways, on bread, crackers and bagels and on a snack tray with pickles. But my favorite is using it when I make Macaroni and Cheese. It is so creamy it mixes perfectly with the pasta.

Ashley Says:

Stirred into cooked spinach! Mmmm, creamy, cheesy guilt-free spinach!

Suzanne Says:

I like my laughing cow on flat sandwich rounds and just eat as a sandwich. It is a great low-cal lunch!

Kay Says:

I love it on bagels! Take one to work every evening with Laughing Cow!

Wendy Says:

I love having Laughing Cow on my bagels or pita chips. So good ^_^

Nancy C. Says:

I enjoy LC every morning on my toast.

Deb Says:

I love it on a sandwich.

Ann Nicely Says:

I would use my Laughing Cow cheese as a spread for crackers on a picnic or on my french toast for breakfast. I love that Laughing Cow added a cream cheese line!

Sondra S. Says:

I would enjoy Laughing cow on crackers or celery with my kiddos who looove it!

Mary Says:

I love Laughing Cow wedges in a ton of different ways. I enjoy wrapping the more savory flavors in lean turkey slices for a healthy snack, enjoying swiss or blue cheese with my fruit, melting swiss on a whole wheat English muffin topped with salsa, smearing the cinnamon cream on toast or an English muffin, melting the cinnamon cream on a sweet potato, and melting the garlic and herb into spaghetti squash to create a healthy, creamy pasta dish.

Elaine R. Says:

Love with my celery or Triscuit Thin Crisps. Perfect afternoon snack to get me through the work day!

Eva Key Says:

Love the wedge spreads on Ryvita crackers.

Natasha Says:

I would love to try it on french toast, on crackers, and I really want to find lots of recipes to put it in! This will be a chance for me to be a bit more of an adventurous cook hehe.

Katie Says:

My favorite uses are in grilled cheese, with grilled veggies, and on top of my omelette.

Avery K. Says:

I love Laughing Cow cheese with eggs in a breakfast burrito or omelet!

Gretchen Says:

I use 2 or 3 wedges of laughing cow cheese, usually garlic & herb, with a few other ingredients to make a single serving of alfredo sauce.

Sharyn Says:

Cinnamon Cream on apple slices.

Joy Liuzunie Says:

I love Laughing Cow cheese on a Triscuit or celery! Yum!

kristen Says:

I love laughing cow cheese on quesadillas….much better then shredded cheese.

margaret schlitter Says:

I would eat it backed in crescent rolls, on bread for a sandwich, to many ways to list.

Bridget Says:

I love laughing cow on cucumber sandwiches, in pitas, in marinara sauce to make it a hint creamier, I love laughing cow on pretty much everything! I have not tried the fruit flavored cream cheeses yet as I have given up bagels, but from some of the other posts I think it would be great on other fruit!!!!

christine Says:

love them on crackers, or even by themselves!!!

shelia love Says:

I love Laughing Cow on celery and pretzels for an afternoon snack…

Kim Mangels Says:

I love the strawberry Laughing Cow smeared on toast with a glass of Lite Vanilla Silk. Yummy!

Kati Says:

I would love to win! I love Laughing Cow cream cheese, great on Bagels, toast and sandwiches!

Libby Perrigan Says:

I love Laughing cow cheese and is so great to eat all by it self or with any kind of crackers . So great to us to host at a party or any special occasion .

Patricia Morris Says:

I love my Laughing Cow wedges on crackers, but honestly, I’ve been known to lick the foil!

Jan Says:

I love it on apples! The cinnamon is the best!

Sherry Compton Says:

You probably want more than open and eat! My daughter and I enjoy halving a jalapeno, scooping out the seeds, and filling with a wonderful Laughing Cow wedge. I can’t wait to try the new cream cheese on bagels and wrapped in a tortilla.

Maria Says:

How do I love these….let me count the ways:
Cheese Wedges
* melted and served as Alfredo sauce
* for my “cracker & cheese” fix around 4 PM
* inside chicken breasts w/a slice of ham for cordon bleu
* with my scrambled eggs or omelette along with some veggies
* atop the many veggies served as a side dish
Cream Cheese
* on top of my bagel thins….any of the flavors!
* in my smoothies to make them creamier and mix up flavor
* as a substitute for any recipe calling for cream cheese

In general, I look for ways to swap it in to any recipe where I want/need cheese or cream cheese and DON’T want the calories & fat of those “other” kinds!

Wendy Says:

I love Laughing Cow on my turkey wraps! with avocado too! Excited to try this new product!

Christine Says:

My daughter would totally dig this! She like to eat it smeared on a piece of toasted sourdough bread.

Lauren Says:

I LOVE laughing cow cheese on a piece of toast for breakfast! 🙂

Loretta Rush Says:

I love laughing cow on bager thins with sugar free preserves on top! Also love to add it to hot vegetables! Love love love laughing cow!!!

Melinda T Says:

I would spread on any crackers I might have. They sound so yummy!

Kathryn Fink Says:

I love laughing cow on Triscuits crackers & Tostitos whole grain chips, celery and my finger!

vicky Says:

I enjoy laughing cow when I am sad because the taste of laughing cow makes me wanna smile.

Clarinda @ Enjoying the Course Says:

Most likely I’d just enjoy it on crackers, but those eggs sound delish!!

Pau;a Ridder Says:

Sadly, the new cream cheeses are not available at any grocery store in my rural area–and believe me, I’ve tried! I love the regular Laughing Cow cheeses, and I know I’ll love these, too, IF I ever get to try them!

Trudy Says:

I use it on breakfast and lunch sandwiches.

Ray Says:

I would spread it on my crackers and pita bread for a healthy dip substitute! Thanks!

Susan Rennicker Says:

I enjoy my Laughing Cow Cheese, both in egg mugs for breakfast, and spread on whole wheat crackers for an evening snack. Yum! 🙂

kim Says:

I would smear it on a croissant with some pepperjack cheese and deli chicken!

Christine Says:

I love my laughing cow on toasted rye bread with an poached egg on top, so delicious, also love it on celery

Lynn Says:

*Favorite is my ‘open faced cucumber sandwiches” with just cucumber slices topped with LC Lite Swiss…it’s a great little lunch time treat.
*Recently added two wedges of the same to my mashed cauliflower w roasted garlic..OMGOSH it made SUCH a difference…YUM!
*Love LC cheese ‘smooshed’ in a semi-cooked zucchini shell half, and then topped with my prepared ‘stuffing’ – bake it and it makes the most awesome stuffed zucchini boat!

Julie Says:

I love laughing cow on everything!! In my eggs, on my sandwich, in a tuna melt, stuffed in chicken, with fruit…really the possibilities are so endless, its fabulous!

Denise Gilbert Says:

I love Laughing Cow with Ritz Crackers and Trail Bologna! Makes my mouth water to think about it.

Megan Says:

I would eat The Laughing Cow Cheese on water crackers, just as I have always done! I absolutely love the stuff!

Rayann Wheeler Says:

Love laughing cow cheese melted in my eggs. A perfect choice for people on weight watchers!!!

Jackie Says:

I love laughing cow. My mom and I have both switched to it on almost everything we eat. I use the Cinnamon in the morning and the others on sandwiches or snacks. I love grilled cheese and wanted to find a way to incorporate it for these. I use the flat breads and spray a pan with non stick spray. I use one Queso and about 1/4 cup shredded cheese and cook on both sides. When done I place a fresh sliced tomato inside. Yummy lunch and a great replacement.

Gwen Colby Says:

I love the Queso on my toasted English muffin with canadian bacon and fried egg. Delicious. All the flavors are good and go with many things. Great low cal snack at just the right size.

carol n Says:

I would eat it by itself, with crackers, toast, bagels, in my omelets and eggs. I love cheese it is my go to snack and would love to try all the Laughings cows flavors!

Nicole Says:

I love Laughing cow cheese with egg whites or on top of a boca burger. Its just the right size for a snack and hits the spot. I love all the flavors.

Marci Says:

We love our Laughing Cow with tea and crackers.

wendy Says:

My favorite way is as an afterwork snack with crackers & a glass of wine.

Kathleen Walsh Says:

I love laughing cow cheese! So fun to eat and the kids love it too! Just the name Laughing Cow makes me happy!

Charlotte Greer Says:

I enjoy the strawberry on multigrain melba toast. I do Weight Watchers and 6 rounds of multigrain melba toast and 1 wedge of strawberry Laughing Cow is only 3pts.

Alana Says:

use the cinnamon kind to make a fruit dip!

Angela Gervais Says:

I love Laughing Cow cheese on my turkey burgers instead of sliced cheese as well as on turkey wraps for lunch! I now have some new ideas for how to use my Laughing Cow cheese from many of the comments left by others, so THANKS! And thanks for the giveaway!

marla k Says:

I cut a whole wheat pita in half, add fresh veggies like tomatoes, onions, artichoke hearts and red,yellow peppers. I then top it off with a cheese wedge, melt, and you have two personal size pizzas. delish!

Charity Says:

I love the original light Laughing Cow cheese with a little honey drizzled on it…yum!

Sandy Brown Says:

I love laughing cow on everything. I use it instead of butter or mayo or sour cream. Yummy yummy yummy.

Toby Amidor Says:

Thanks everyone for a FANTASTIC giveaway! I loved reading all your comments.

And randomly selected winner of the Laughing Cow giveaway is…….. H. Rubenstein! Congrats! Please look for my email so I can get your goodies mailed out to you.

As always, look for delicious (and nutritious!) giveaways each week on my blog. I have a great one coming up next week– so stay tuned…..

Happy, healthy eating!

Marc Says:

I love it on White Cheddar rice cakes…any flavor is great!

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