My Family: A Foodie Poem By My 10-Year Old

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

By Schoen Amidor

Here’s a poem my son wrote for his 5th grade class comparing his family to a restaurant. He is my budding foodie poet and let me tell you, this poem will really hit home for many of you!

My Family

My family is like a restaurant.
My sisters are the customers always complaining.
My mom is the chef working all the time.
My dad is the manager checking everything twice.
I am the waiter giving out everything.
My family is like a restaurant always 24/7.


Please leave notes of encouragement for my son, Schoen. I would love him to continue to write food blogs for me from a 10-year old’s perspective and have been asking him to do so for a while.

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10 Comments on “My Family: A Foodie Poem By My 10-Year Old

Deanna Segrave-Daly Says:

Schoen – I really like your poem – I can just picture your kitchen! I hope you write more and share on your mom’s blog again.

Nicole Says:

Schoen – what an awesome poem !! You are a talented writer like your mommy 🙂
Nicole xo

Rebecca @RUtheMOMof Says:

What a great poem if Schoen doesn’t mind I would love to make a copy and put it in my kitchen. I look forward to more poems by Schoen. BRAVO !!!!

Ben Says:

Wow shoen, great poem! Knowing you I can say this is a very genuine poem. True to real life. Your a good writter and of course have such a great heart. The waiter amongst your siblings so to speak.

Zippy Says:

I loved your food poem and you are so right about your family, you forgot your Safta’s (grandmother) role in your 24/7 restaurant what would it be?

Chelsea Says:

Great job writing this poem Schoen! I love seeing your creative side come out in your writing! 🙂

Stephanie Pinto Says:

Schoen, you did a fantastic job on your poem! Keep up the great work:)

Jacob.b Says:

Nice job

Jordy and Bela Says:

Hi schoen good job on your poem!

TAMARA :) Says:

that is so good, can I copy it, only joking !!!!

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