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Monday, September 23, 2013

When I was a little girl, my family owned a cheese store in New York City. Since then I love tasting all kinds of cheeses. When I tasted Sartori’s delicious cheeses, I had to share the love!

About Sartori Cheese
Sartori’s line of BellaVitano cheeses are one of a kind created by their Master Cheesemakers. Starting out like a Parmesan, BellaVitano has a light fruity note but with a surprisingly creamy rich texture.  Each unique treatment is applied to the outside of the wheel, whether it’s hand rubbed with fresh ground Italian roast espresso beans or soaked in a Raspberry Tart Ale, the flavors enhance, but do not overwhelm the cheese; the cheese is the main focus.  It’s important to note that the rind is meant to be eaten!  Each cheese is aged around 1 year, but ultimately the cheese is ready when the Master Cheesemaker says so.


Say Cheese!
Cheese can absolutely be part of a healthy eating plan (even the full fat kind). The trick is to use a small amount of a flavorful cheese—a little goes a long way.

Here are 5 healthy ways to incorporate cheese into your healthy dishes:

  • Mix 1 to 2 tablespoons of shredded cheese into a bowl of chili
  • Sprinkle a few tablespoons onto homemade croutons
  • Top a spinach dip with a few tablespoons, then bake
  • Add 2 tablespoons into an omelet or scrambled egg wrap
  • Sprinkle a small handful of shredded cheese onto risotto


Enter to Win!
One randomly selected commenter will win the following gift basket from Sartori Cheese:

  • 1 (4 ounce) wedge of BellaVitano® Gold
  • 1 (4 ounce) wedge of Chai BellaVitano
  • 1 (4 ounce) wedge of Espresso BellaVitano
  • 1 (4 ounce) wedge of Black Pepper BellaVitano
  • 1 (4 ounce) wedge of Raspberry BellaVitano
  • 1 (4 ounce) wedge of Merlot BellaVitano
  • 1  Sartori Rustic Wooden Crate


Giveaway begins: Monday September 23, 2013 at 8:00 am ET
Giveaway ends: Tuesday September 24, 2013 at 11:59pm ET

Mandatory Entry: Tell me in the comments area “What’s your favorite way to enjoy cheese?”

Additional Entries: For additional entries do any or all of the below and come back and create a new comment to tell me. Use a separate new comment for each or it will only count as one entry.

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  • Follow Sartori Cheese on twitter
  • Find Sartori Cheese on Facebook
  • Copy and paste this tweet, then come back and comment with the link of your tweet. (allowed only once per day)

Enter to win a @sartoricheese gift pack from @tobyamidor #giveaway

When entering, be sure to include your email address in the “Email” field when posting your comment so I can let you know if you won.  You do not need to purchase anything to win. Only open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. states, D.C. or Puerto Rico, and you must be at least 18 years of age to enter. Sartori Cheese has sponsored the prize offered and is responsible for shipping.

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140 Comments on “Win This Sartori Cheese Gift Pack!

Renata Says:

My favorite way to enjoy cheese is melted on a fresh, hot homemade pizza with lots of veggies too!

Renata Says:

Following you on Twitter via @serene_streams!

Renata Says:

I like you on Facebook!

Renata Says:

I like Sartori on Facebook!

Renata Says:

Following Sartori on Twitter via @serene_streams!

Renata Says:

Tweeted too!
Thank you so much!

Georgiana Says:

I always enjoy a classic grilled cheese sandwich! So cheesy!

Stuart Wainstock Says:

Love just some good cheese, crackers, and a nice white wine.

Myste Says:

I adore Sartori!

Stevie Says:

I love my cheese with a glass of red wine =)

Gwen M Says:

I like to eat cheese with anything and everything!! Cheese Rocks.

Angie Says:

I love having your cheese on my pizza or a simple grilled cheese sandwich is also amazing!

Gwen M Says:

I followed you on twitter.

Stevie Says:

I have liked Sartori Cheese on Facebook

Gwen M Says:

I follow Sartori Cheese on Twitter.

Matt Gergeni Says:

I am a big fan of grilled cheese sandwiches…or even a nice cold cheese sandwich on occasion!

And, Tweeted:

Stevie Says:

I have liked Toby Amidor Nutrition on facebook

Jeffrey Says:

My favorite way to enjoy cheese is on homemade pizza. I don’t exclusively use mozzarella, it depends on the other ingredients on the pie.

Heidi Garrido Says:

My favorite way? Straight off the block, like a good farmer’s daughter should! 😀

Katie Says:

Sartori Cheese? Yes, please!

Stevie Says:

I am following you on twitter @StevieShannon

Jeffrey Says:

I follow you on Twitter with the handle @FireRunner2379.

Chip Dimaano Says:

I love Sartori with fresh spinach and basil stuffed in chicken cutlets with a panko bread crumb crust and pan fried.

Jeffrey Says:

I like your Facebook page.

Heidi Garrido Says:

I follow you on Twitter!

Stevie Says:

Also following Sartori Cheese on twitter @StevieShannon

Heidi Garrido Says:

I follow Sartori on Facebook!

Jeffrey Says:

I follow Sartori Cheese on Twitter.

Heidi Garrido Says:

I am following you on Facebook!

Christopher Sorel Says:

cut right the block and into my mouth

Jeffrey Says:

I like Sartori Cheese on Facebook.

Heidi Garrido Says:

I follow Sartori on Twitter!

Jeffrey Says:

I posted a tweet:

Christopher Sorel Says:

follow you on twitter @cjsorel

Christopher Sorel Says:

Like Toby Amidor Nutrition on fb

Stevie Says:

My tweet about the giveaway

Melissa Wheeler Says:

My favorite way to enjoy cheese is paired with wine and friends!

I will follow you on Twitter @MKWheel and like you on facebook too!

Christopher Sorel Says:

follow sartori cheese on twitter

Christopher Sorel Says:

like sartori cheese on FB

Christopher Sorel Says:


Barbara Calder Says:

I like Sar.
tori Cheese on facebook

Barbara Calder Says:

I enjoy cheese just as it is with great crusty rolls.

Phil Says:

Favorite way to enjoy cheese? I love cheese anytime paired with just about anything! Cheese is awesome on its own but also compliments foods so well. From scrambled eggs to steak to apple pie. Bring me some cheese! Bring it now!

Geoff Says:

My favorite way to eat cheese is to cut it up into cubes and enjoy it along side fresh ciabatta bread and Frantoia garlic olive oil. I love using my cheese grinder to sprinkle Sartori on top of white cheddar mac n’ cheese. My favorite Sartori flavor is the Balsamic. I think Sartori could craft a type of beer cheese too similar but better than Ilchester’s Beer Cheese.

Sarah Says:

I like it best on water crackers with a glass of white wine.

Deanna Swenson Says:

My favorite way to eat Sartori cheese is on the balcony, watching the sunset with a glass of wine and my best friend; my hubby! 🙂

Sarah Says:

I like your Facebook page

Maureen Pickett Says:

My favorite way to enjoy cheese is straight up with a cup of coffee.

Katie Says:

I love cheese in bacon cheddar chive scones!

nicole Says:

crackers and wine…. at the beach.

Karole Scott Says:

I love cheese alone or with something! On Triscuits or with slices of apple, or atop a salad or hot dish of rice or pasta, cheese does please!!

Michael Osofsky Says:

On wood fired pizza from my backyard

vicky marx Says:

My favorite way to enjoy Sartori Chesse is with friends. I never go on a trip without a collection of Sartori world award winning cheeses. I’m so proud of my hometown that I want everyone to know about the great cheeses they produce.

Tami Gasch Says:

I love cheese! I’m so glad my taste buds have grown up as I got older to appreciate all the delicious flavors! A favorite way to eat it is with crackers. 🙂

Tami Gasch Says:

Following you on twitter!

Sheila Olson Says:

I love Satori BellaVitano cheeses freshly cut on their own with a glass of Chardonnay.

Iris Vasquez Says:

I dreamt of Sartori cheese last night… Rosemary & olive oil. Espresso. Peppermint…I think I might have been a mouse in my past 🙂
Follow me on twitter @itdlv

Stacy Says:

Love Sartori cheese. Our favorite is their Parmesan over cooked pasta and veggies. Yum!

Stacy Says:

Liked your Facebook page.

Stacy Says:

I follow Sartori on Facebook.

Sara Says:

Sartori Cheese is actually my favorite brand! I love to eat it with Italian dry salame (Boar’s Head Brand) and wheat crackers! I’m usually reading a book while enjoying this combination. I’d have to say Chai is my new favorite, it used to be expresso.. It’s very hard to just choose one favorite. I’ve liked Sartori Cheese on Facebook for some time.. Iwish there was actuallt a “Love” or “Favorite” Button.

Sara Says:

I have liked Sartori Cheese for a while now..

Sara Says:

Just liked you on Facebook!

Christe McKittrick Says:

My favorite is to eat Black Pepper Bellavitano with a good bread – ciabatta usually – and a glass of Cabernet! Second – break off a hunk and eat it right out of my hand!

Susan Christy Says:

I just enjoyed cheese in my favorite way for lunch – cheese & crackers and an apple.

Susan Christy Says:

Follow Sartori Cheese on twitter

Susan Christy Says:

Like Sartori Cheese on Facebook

Rob Cole Says:

I Love all of thier cheese.

Pamela Lovett Says:

I love smooshing bellavitano in between burger patties an cooking it all together… yum! And if I can manage to not eat it all, I crumble montamore in my tomato soups and sauces. I Love Sartori.

Andy Says:

Sartori is my favorite!

Nate Johnson Says:

In cheese grits, please.

John Rozum Says:

I’m kind of a purist and usually enjoy my Sartori varieties all by themselves. Although, practicing pairing them with wine and whiskey while sitting on the back porch can be fun, too!

Joyce Grossman Says:

I love to eat Bella Ventano Merlot infused cheese with buttery crackers for lunch. Not too original but oh so good!

Beth Stout Says:

I enjoy Sartori cheese with a thinly sliced French baguette and a glass of wine.

Hammer Jr. Says:

My favorite way to enjoy cheese is with my wife and 8 year old daughter for a nutritious delicious snack!

Melissa Binns Says:

I love Sartori cheeses! Especially the Merlot!

Karol Says:

Sartori cheese, a box of fine crackers and a bottle of Italian red. Mix in some friends. Does life get any better?

Elizabeth Bartmess Says:

I like Sartori cheese with sliced pears and green grapes

Elizabeth Bartmess Says:

Served with a spinach salad

Felisa Russell Says:

I live in a sub of 200 homes. On weekends, after neighbors have cut the grass and kids are outside playing (including my own), I love to enjoy Satori cheese (montamore is my favorite) with my husband, a glass of Chateau Aeronautique Reisling with my doors and windows open, a soft breeze blowing my sheers, and my favorites playing on Pandora radio. I feel like I’m on a hundred acres all alone:)

Felisa Russell Says:

I tweeted too @FATRussell

Darleen Nilson Says:

Bellavitano merlot, under the broiler on a little crusty bread.

Meryl Says:

My favorite is cheese with a crusty baguette and wine. I love Sartori Sarvecchio Parmesan and their Asiago with Basil and Olive Oil.

Louis Says:

Cheese with crackers and tomatoes.

Adrienne Harman Says:

I like my cheese cubed with a glass of wine, simple but perfect….

Daniel Says:

The Espresso Bellavitano is a cheese from the Gods!

Tina Says:

I love cheese on crackers with wine, sitting on the back deck with family and friends. Yum!

Ray Says:

Cheese melted in a panini sandwich or on top of a burger makes it all superb!

Ray Says:

I like you on Facebook!

Ray Says:

I like Sartori on Facebook too!

Raina Says:

Love it all by itself so nothing to distract from the amazing flavor and texture

Andy Kenney Says:

Sampling cheese at whole foods is the best.

Betti Jameson Says:

Best war to enjoy my Sartori cheese is with a fresh crisp juicy apple. Preferably a Granny Smith.

michele nicastro Says:

i love to just slice it up and serve with grapes, apples, wine & some crusty bread. yum.

michele nicastro Says:

i follow sartori on facebook 🙂

michele nicastro Says:

i “like” you on facebook 🙂

whitney lindeman Says:

Cheese and crackers – forever my favorite snack!

whitney lindeman Says:

Follow you Twitter as @whitneylindeman.

kOren Says:

With cognac, wine and other spirits!

Colleen Says:

With a group of friends.

Beth Says:

I like to make cheese the main event and enjoy it on it own, or accompanied by some complementary fruit, fresh bread, or nuts.

Beth Says:

I liked you on facebook!

Beth Says:

I liked Sartori cheese on facebook!

Beth Says:

I followed Sartori Cheese on twitter!

jen p Says:

sliced with apples and crackers!!

Amy Davis Says:

With my daughter. She’s a pint-sized cheese eating machine.

Mochi Gregurich Says:

Satori cheese, apple wedges & pop corn. Childhood treat, adulthood joy::

Joe Divine Says:

I love my cheese either sliced with fresh fruit or on a fresh homemade baguette with a dollop of jam (I am currently loving fig jam)

Sarena Says:

I love my cheese straight up

Dawn Wallace Says:

This cheese is so awesome it stands on its own!

Bridgette Says:

I love cheese straight up with some fruit and crackers.

Bridgette Says:

I liked Sartori Cheese on facebook!

Megan H Says:

Sprinkled on top of pasta!

Jill Says:

I love to enjoy a good, quality cheese with a good cracker, bread, or in a simple recipe where it complements the recipe. Or just eat cheese all by itself! I like you and Sartori on FB.

Rebecca Eberhardt Says:

I love cheese in a salad with fruit and nuts. Of course I keep a little extra for snacking!

Sarah Charles Says:

My favorite way to eat cheese is with good bread, fresh fruit, and a couple of cocktails. Perfect meal!!!

Susan Says:

I like cheese best on the homemade crackers I make in my dehydrator!

Kristina Higbee Says:

love this!!

Lisa Says:

With my little nephews as we say how much we like “cheeeeezzzz”.

Becky Jones Says:

My favorite way to enjoy cheese is the simplest way, a cheese plate with a few different kinds of cheese, some fruit, maybe some high quality crackers. I serve this about once a week for family TV night, and I always serve Sartori cheese, which I buy at Tenuta’s in Kenosha.

Becky Jones Says:

I followed you on Twitter!

Becky Jones Says:

I liked you on Facebook!

Becky Jones Says:

I followed Sartori Cheese on Twitter!

Becky Jones Says:

I liked Sartori Cheese on Facebook!

Becky Jones Says:

Here is the link to my tweet:

Leslie Gast Says:

I like my Montamore naked…the cheese that is. I like to wear clothing. 🙂 Sometimes there’s a little crunch from the salt but the creaminess always melts in your mouth. Where’s my cheese?

Lindsey Says:

My favorite way to eat cheese is to let the cheese stand alone. Pairing it with some choice crackers, breads and fruits is also great.

Lindsey Says:

I liked Sartori Cheese on facebook!

Kat Says:

Uhhhh… all the ways? Simple is best–melty on toast, maybe. But anytime there’s cheese, I’m happy!

Amy Says:

My favorite way to enjoy cheese is with my daughter- she is a young cheese enthusiast with a mature palate!

Amy Says:

I ‘like’ Sartori Cheese on Facebook!

Amy Svinicki Says:

I don’t love all cheeses straight up, but give me any Sartori cheese and I can’t resist but eating it right then and there, naked. The cheese is naked.. not me. Well.. sometimes me too.

Amy Svinicki Says:

Ha! I did not see the comment above before posting mine, how funny!

Lisa Says:

LOve it anyway I can get it!

Whitney Lindeman Says:

I like you on Facebook.

Toby Amidor Says:

Hi everyone,
Thanks for a FANTASTIC giveaway! The winner of the Sartori Cheese gift box is…….

Colleen — she enjoys eating Sartori cheese with friends (and so do I!)

Congrats on your winnings! Please keep your eyes peeled for my email so I can have the good folks at Sartori mail you the winnings.

Thanks everyone for participating and stay tuned for more great giveaways.

Happy, healthy eating!

Tere C. Says:

Our favorite way to enjoy cheese is between 2 tortillas along with a New Mexico Hatch Valley Green Chile 🙂 … all warm and yummy!

Greg Gast Says:

My wife and I love your cheeses. We eat it with sliced apples and grated on soup. Our favorite is the merlot!

Colleen Says:

Thanks so much, Toby.

I am impressed to have found a nutritionist who understands that cheese can be part of a healthy diet.

Thanks for the cheese!!!

Radwa Says:

Love Sartori cheese (montamori) 🙂

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