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Monday, February 17, 2014

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There are constantly new fad diets coming out promising to be the answer to all your weight loss prayers. The biggest problem with most of them is that the research just isn’t there to back up the claims. Recently, a group of researchers decided to take an in-depth look at The Blood Type Diet to determine if the research substantiates the claims. Based on the results, the findings are grim.

About the Diet
The Blood Type diet was created by Peter D’Adamo. The premise of the diet is that your blood type determines which foods you should eat in order to feel great, improve digestion and lose weight. Even the type of exercise is completely different for each blood type. While type A’s do best on a vegetarian diet and practicing yoga and meditation, type O’s do well consuming a lot of animal-based protein and with regular aerobic exercise (like running). Eating the best foods for your blood type is a lifestyle that should be followed your entire life.

The Results
The study published in the January 2014 journal of PLos One was conducted by researchers at the University of Canada of Toronto. They examined over 1,450 healthy adults who followed The Blood Type Diet.

Although some of the diets did have a positive effect on factors like body mass index (BMI) and triglyceride (blood fat) levels, it was independent of the participant’s blood type. These results show that the foods recommended for a particular blood type isn’t necessarily the best way for you to eat in order to achieve long term health. You can still improve your health by following a healthy eating plan that isn’t specific to your blood type.

My Take
What usually make a fad diet “successful” is that the food choices and calories are limited. If you cut back on how much you eat, chances are you’ll lose weight. The problem lies when fad diets become overly restrictive, limiting food groups and important nutrients. If you’re searching for the magic weight loss bullet, science still says a healthy balanced diet along with regular exercise is your best bet.

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Michelle Avery Says:

Great post, I completely agree that fad diets are usually lacking and are short term and “fads” for a reason

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