7 Ways To Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Monday, October 31, 2016

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By Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, Contributing Blogger

Whether you have kids or just bought bags of candy for trick-or-treaters, I can almost guarantee that your house will be overloaded with leftover Halloween candy on November 1st. While it’s certainly fine (and encouraged) to indulge in some of your favorite bite-sized treats on Halloween, it’s definitely not something you want to continue doing daily until the candy is gone. This Halloween, strategize on how you will use leftover Halloween candy. By having a plan, you are much less likely to find yourself laying on the couch, surrounded by handfuls of tiny empty wrappers in a sugar haze. Here are 7 fun ways to quickly use leftover Halloween candy without throwing it out.

    1. Turn it into a gift. After Halloween comes the holiday season, which means the need for holiday gifts. Leftover Halloween candy makes a great small gift for teachers, postal workers and holiday party hosts. All you need is a decorative container, like a mason jar or clear plastic bag, some festive ribbon ribbon and a small gift tag. Voila! You’ve got a cute gift to bring to any holiday party.
    2. Freeze it. I really hate throwing out food, even if it’s something that’s not so great for me, like candy. Freezing leftover candy is a perfect way to keep it for a long time and control your portions. Frozen candy is really hard and difficult to chew, so you have to wait for it to thaw before you can indulge in the sweet treat. That means there’s no way you can go on a candy binge.
    3. Bring it to work. Coworkers LOVE when someone brings in free food and leaves it in the conference room. I guarantee it will be gone by the end of the day.
    4. Create a craft. For all the parents who will have kids home over the holidays, this is a fun at-home task to keep kids busy and use leftovers. There are many crafty ways to use candy for something other than eating. Some fun ideas are:
      • Make an Advent calendar. This spaces out the candy to one piece per day.
      • Save the candy to make a homemade gingerbread house.
      • Use the candy wrappers as tissue paper in gift bags
      • Make crafts with the candy wrappers.  The internet is full of cute crafts, like candy wrapper jewelry, origami, bowls and coasters.
    5. Throw a healthier ice cream sundae party. There are plenty of healthier ice cream brands on the market nowadays. Brands like Brio, Thrive and Halo Top offer lower calorie ice creams with more protein. Invite your friends over for an ice cream sundae party, and use all the leftover candy as the toppings bar.
    6. Bake with it. Obviously candy goes really well in any baked good, but here are some suggestions:
      • Make a chocolate bark. Melt down all of the chocolate candy and pour it on a baking sheet. Pop it in the fridge to cool and break it apart once it’s hard.
      • Make “kitchen sink” cookies by adding candy to your favorite cookie recipe.
    7. Donate it. Don’t want the candy anywhere in your house? Rather than throw it out, donate it to any of these charitable causes:



Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD is a NYC-based media Dietitian, food and nutrition blogger at Nutrition à la Natalie and owner of her own private practice. Natalie writes for many nutrition publications, such as Eating Well, Shape.com, FitnessMagazine.com, Women’s Running and Food & Nutrition Magazine, and she also works with brands like KIND and a2 Milk  Natalie specializes in sports nutrition, and she helps busy, active people live their healthiest lives with her realistic and simplistic approach to nutrition.  She believes that healthy food should be tasty food, and her blog is full of plant-based recipes and sports nutrition information. To stay up to date with Natalie’s recipes or nutrition tips, follow her on Twitter or like her page on Facebook.

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