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Best Foods for Gluten-Free Runners

Friday, March 22nd, 2013  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Fitness, Healthy Eating  /  Comments: 1
Fueling with the right snacks before and after your runs is essential for peak performance. Find out which carbs will do the trick when you’re eating gluten-free. Essential Carbs
It’s essential to take in adequate amount of carbs in order for runners to achieve peak performance.  When you skimp on carbs, you’ll likely run out of fuel and fatigue quickly. Carbs (combined with protein) are also crucial to aid in…

One Small Change: Fantastic Fiber

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Healthy Eating, Nutrition Basics  /  Comments: more
By Gail Watson, contributing blogger Fiber is one of those nutrients that we all know we need. But what exactly is fiber, why is it so important and how can we get enough? Fiber Facts
The term “fiber” refers to the carbohydrates in food that aren’t digested into your body. Instead, they run through your digestive tract providing many benefits. Fiber is found in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, beans,…

Lightening Up Eggs Benedict

Monday, February 11th, 2013  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Healthy Eating, Recipes  /  Comments: 0

By Gail Watson, contributing blogger My version of eggs benedict combines several food groups and a reduced fat sauce to help start your morning right. Studies show that good nourishment at the start of your day can help fuel your brain and make it easier to focus. Eggs: A Healthy Choice
One of my favorite or go to breakfast options are eggs. Although they’ve gotten a bad reputation, research shows that eating one egg…

5 Winning Plays For Your Super Bowl Party

Friday, February 1st, 2013  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Healthy Eating, Recipes, Tips  /  Comments: 1

By Stephanie Perruzza, MS RD CDN Whether you’re an avid football fan or just eager for the commercials, many of us will be tuning in for Super Bowl XLVII on Feb 3rd!  And what’s a Super Bowl party without munchies? I’ve been to my fair share of football get-togethers and most serve the standards: chips, pretzels, nuts, dips, wings, pizza and beer.  So knowing I may not find a figure-friendly option when going to…

One Small Change: Adding Fruit

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Healthy Eating  /  Comments: 1
by Gail Watson, contributing blogger Making one small change can be your best path to successful improvements. January is the time of year that we look at ourselves in the mirror and vow to do better. These good intentions often start out with a bang, but often soon sputter and fizzle.
Changes That Stick
Rather than tackling huge sweeping changes at once, another approach is making one small change a week. Tiny shifts are…