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Building the Best Breakfast: New Insights from Research

Monday, March 7th, 2016  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Hot Topics, Kids, Nutrition & Health  /  Comments: 0
By Catherine Cioffi, RD, Contributing Blogger The importance of having a nutritious breakfast to start the day, especially for kids in elementary school and high school, has been demonstrated time and time again. For example, a recent study found that kids and teens who eat breakfast tend to have lower body fat, body mass index (BMI), and insulin levels, and better metabolic syndrome scores. In another study, kids…

What Does ‘Eating in Moderation’ Really Mean?

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Healthy Eating, Hot Topics, In the News  /  Comments: 0
By Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN. Originally published by US News & World Report How many times have you heard the phrase “everything in moderation?” But what exactly does “moderation” mean? There is no scientific definition to the term, though nutrition textbooks define a moderate diet as one that “avoids excessive amounts of calories or any particular food or nutrient.”…

How To Minimize Food Waste

Monday, January 25th, 2016  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Hot Topics  /  Comments: 0

By Valentine Reed-Johnson, RD, CDN, contributing blogger We all do it. Wasting food is easy; what’s harder is putting the time in to prevent waste. According to the United Nations Environment Programme 30 to 40-percent of the food supply in the U.S. is waste, which equals more than 20 pounds of food per person per month. Furthermore, the Food Waste Alliance states that in 2010, it was estimated that 60 million tons of…

Honey and Maple Syrup Verses Granulated Sugar

Monday, September 28th, 2015  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Healthy Eating, Hot Topics  /  Comments: more
By Alexandra Orlan, Guest Blogger In the effort to eat healthier and still enjoy sweets, many recipes now call for maple syrup or honey as a replacement for granulated sugar. Although you may think these natural forms of sugar are healthier and more beneficial, there is more to this story. Natural Sugars: Honey and Maple Syrup
Both maple syrup and honey contain high amounts of fructose, a single sugar that is sweeter than…

Is Milk Good or Bad?

Monday, June 29th, 2015  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Food Facts, Hot Topics, In the News  /  Comments: more
By Sheridan Jonas, Contributing Blogger Recent headlines claiming milk is bad for you has caused a lot of buzz. The Dietary Guideline recommends 3 servings of milk or dairy every day, so does that mean we need to stop drinking milk? Definitely not! Research continues to show just how wonderful milk really is. Where did This All Start?
The recent study posted by the British Medical Journal created a mass confusion, making…

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