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5 Foods to Tackle Heart Disease

Monday, February 29th, 2016  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Heart Health, Nutrition & Health  /  Comments: more
By Sheridan Jonas, Contributing Blogger As heart disease continues to be the number one killer for both men and women, food has been highly researched to determine if any can help prevent it. A healthy diet featuring functional foods (or foods proven to help prevent disease) can help to tackle the number one killer. A diet high in saturated and trans fats, as well as sodium is not only a risk for weight gain, but also increases…

Breaking Down Sodium & Calorie Labeling Laws

Thursday, January 21st, 2016  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Healthy Eating, In the News, Nutrition & Health  /  Comments: 0
By Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD, Contributing Blogger If you have eaten in a chain restaurant in New York City recently, you may have noticed this icon on the menu (on the right). Maybe you were perplexed when you saw it or maybe you didn’t even give it much thought.This icon is part of NYC’s new law to label high sodium foods in chain restaurants.   What is the NYC sodium labeling law? New York is the first city in the nation…

The Power of Herbs and Spices: Fall Edition

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Food Facts, Healthy Eating, Nutrition & Health, Recipes  /  Comments: 0
By Rachel Green, Contributing Blogger Flavor is a significant factor in choosing the foods we eat.  Too often, diners unnecessarily season their food to add or increase much desired flavor, leading to over consumption of sodium, sugar, and fat – the top three flavoring agents.  Before mindlessly seasoning, consider cooking with herbs and spices. What are Herbs and Spices?
The terms “herbs” and “spices”…

Review of Fit2Me: A Website for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Monday, November 23rd, 2015  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Nutrition & Health, Product Reviews  /  Comments: 0
By Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN This post was sponsored by AstraZeneca. If you have diabetes, you need to pay close attention to where you go in order to get diet information and lifestyle support. The wrong information can lead to a loss of blood sugar control, which can be detrimental to your health. Luckily, Fit2Me is a free website created by AstraZeneca, who is committed to the long-term health of adults living with type…

Taste Test: Lactose-Free Cow’s Milk

Monday, July 6th, 2015  |  Posted by Toby Amidor  /  Filed under Food Facts, Nutrition & Health  /  Comments: 1

By Alexandra Orlan, Guest Blogger At the age of seven, my doctor administered a hydrogen breath test to check me for lactose intolerance. He told me my results were the highest he had ever seen. Not something I was hoping to hear at that young age. I didn’t want to stop eating pizza, ice cream or drinking my delicious milk. I wanted to enjoy the same treats as my friends. I began taking Lactaid pills every time I wanted to consume…