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Welcome to my blog! You’ll find the latest nutrition news, healthy recipes, controversial topics, and food safety information. My blog is made possible by my wonderful group of contributors, including fellow registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) and nutrition students. All of my contributors have varying nutrition backgrounds and interests, making this blog a great place to learn about a wide range of food and nutrition topics.

I’m so proud of the efforts of all of my contributors and the recognitions of our great work. Greatist recently named my blog one of “19 Awesome Resources to Help You Eat Better”, and Healthline awarded us a spot in the “The Best Healthy Living Blogs of 2016”.  I know you will enjoy and learn from the information you find here. Your comments and insight are very important to me and my readers.

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Win This Book! The Joy Fit Club

June 25th, 2012
I recently got a sneak peak at Joy Bauer’s new book The Joy Fit Club: Cookbook, Diet Plan & Inspiration. I’ve read hundreds of weight loss books and let me tell you, this one is truly inspirational. That’s why I’m giving away a copy— check out how you can enter for your chance to win at the end of this post! About The Joy Fit Club
If you watch NBC’s Today show, chances are you have seen the Joy Fit

Go Nuts!

June 13th, 2012
Almonds Nuts are a healthy way to get fat into your diet. Yes, you need fat! The important thing to remember is that not all fats are equal. Here’s a rundown on why nuts should be part of your healthy eating plan. Nutrition Lowdown
The majority of the fat found in nuts is monounsaturated. You should focus on eating unsaturated fats, particularly monounsaturated, while limiting saturated and trans fat.

Win 72 KIND Bars!

June 6th, 2012
Many folks often assume that snacking is a no-no. It’s snacking on the wrong foods that can get you into trouble. Snacking on healthy foods is essential to any eating plan. Here are the do’s and don’ts of healthy snacking, then enter to win a 72 bars (yes, 72!) from one of my favorite brands. Benefits of Snacking
Eating frequently keeps your metabolism revved and blood sugar stable. It helps prevents you from arriving…

Fabulous Figs

June 5th, 2012
When you hear fig you may think of a dried fig or even a fig-filled cookie, but have you tried a fresh one? They’re so delish! Whether dried or fresh, this fruit can be a great addition to a healthy diet. With fresh fig season upon us, now is the perfect time to try this nutritional superstar. Fig Facts
Figs were originally introduced into the New World by the Spanish and Portuguese missionaries in the 1500’s. In the 1700’s…

Win This Cookbook: Ripe

May 30th, 2012
As a registered dietitian, it’s no surprise that I encourage my clients and family members to eat plenty of fruits and veggies. Some of the issues I find my clients have when it comes to eating more fruits and veggies are that they’re bored or unsure of how to cook new ones. If you find the same fruits and veggies on your weekly shopping list or you just don’t have a clue what to do with a persimmon, then you want to check…
Get Toby’s 10 Surprising Uses For Greek Yogurt!
Plus, get the Greek Yogurt Substitution Chart, which outlines how to substitute nonfat or low-fat plain Greek yogurt in recipes!