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Welcome to my blog! You’ll find the latest nutrition news, healthy recipes, controversial topics, and food safety information. My blog is made possible by my wonderful group of contributors, including fellow registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) and nutrition students. All of my contributors have varying nutrition backgrounds and interests, making this blog a great place to learn about a wide range of food and nutrition topics.

I’m so proud of the efforts of all of my contributors and the recognitions of our great work. Greatist recently named my blog one of “19 Awesome Resources to Help You Eat Better”, and Healthline awarded us a spot in the “The Best Healthy Living Blogs of 2016”.  I know you will enjoy and learn from the information you find here. Your comments and insight are very important to me and my readers.

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National Nutrition Month Day 25: A Small Guide To Losing Big

March 25th, 2016
For day 25 of National Nutrition Month here’s dietitian Cheryl Forberg’s latest book A Small Guide To Losing Big. For 16 years, Cheryl has been the nutritionist from NBC’s The Biggest Loser. In her book, she uncovers stunning facts about why the typical American eating style causes people to pack on the pounds each year. Through her insight from “behind the scenes” are The

National Nutrition Month Day 24: The Dairy Good Cookbook

March 24th, 2016
Disclosure: I am an ambassador of the National Dairy Council. The book was donated by the National Dairy Council. For day 24 of National Nutrition Month I wanted to highlight The Dairy Good Cookbook that was released by The National Dairy Council in honor of their 100 year birthday. I am a proud ambassador of the National Dairy Council and love their creation which is a collection of dairy farmers recipes. Recipes…

National Nutrition Month Day 23: Lighten Up, Y’all

March 23rd, 2016
  For day 23 of National Nutrition Month I wanted to include this 2016 James Beard Foundation nominee in the category of Focus on Health. Lighten Up, Y’all by Virginia Willis reminds us that Southern cooking isn’t only about deep fried foods, butter, and overindulgence. Rather, Southern cuisine is a delicate combination of ingredients that are local to the area. Willis lightens up classic dishes…

National Nutrition Month Day 22: The Big Book of Healthy Cooking Oils

March 22nd, 2016
For day 22 of National Nutrition Month it’s The Big Book of Healthy Cooking Oils. With a variety of cooking oils hitting store shelves, it can get confusing to remember where each type of oil works best. There are recipes that features oils like coconut, olive, avocado, peanut, hazelnut, almond, pistachio, flax seed, and walnut. There is even a section on how to use schmaltz (chicken fat).  Gena, I know you…

National Nutrition Month Day 21: Clean Eating Cooking School

March 21st, 2016
  For day 21 of National Nutrition Month, I wanted to introduce Michelle Dudash’s online Clean Eating Cooking School. Michelle is a registered dietitian, certified chef, and author of Clean Eating for Busy FamiliesHer latest project is an amazing cooking school that is completely online. Her cooking school provides cooking videos, meal planning, and cooking tips so you can get a nourishing meal…