5 Winning Plays For Your Super Bowl Party

5 Winning Plays For Your Super Bowl Party

By Stephanie Perruzza, MS RD CDN

Whether you’re an avid football fan or just eager for the commercials, many of us will be tuning in for Super Bowl XLVII on Feb 3rd!  And what’s a Super Bowl party without munchies? I’ve been to my fair share of football get-togethers and most serve the standards: chips, pretzels, nuts, dips, wings, pizza and beer.  So knowing I may not find a figure-friendly option when going to these events, I like to “score” with a healthier contribution.

Kick-Off Tips
When you’re at a Super Bowl Party, you’ll face the inevitable buffet table.  Whether you decide to bring a healthy dish (see recipes below), it’s still important to keep in mind these “touchdown” tips to help you “tackle” your Super Bowl cravings:

  • Mind your portions: Sample and enjoy a few different snacks without indulging in just one
  • Drink in moderation: It’s important to have a good time but also to pace yourself.  Alternate alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic, low calorie ones (like water or seltzer).
  • Choose colorful food options: Fruit and veggies can help balance out foods which are higher in fat and calories. They also have fiber to help curb hunger.
  • Choose lower-calorie snacks: air-popped popcorn with a sprinkle of salt or one ounce baked chips (about 15)


Healthy “Point”-ers
Here are some of my favorite recipes to share at your Super Bowl party:

Liquid calories count too and honestly, what’s a party without a cocktail?  If you’re going for beer, choose lighter varieties. If you’re craving a mixed drink (like me), choose a calorie-free mixer such as flavored seltzer and stick to a one-ounce serving of alcohol.


Many folks go for second and third helpings when it comes to dips. Low-fat Greek yogurt or beans are good substitutions for sour cream or cream cheese.  Both can help cut down calories while maintaining the creaminess and flavor.

Recipes to try:


These dishes are quick, flavorful and filling! To reduce calories put the cheese or sour cream toppings on the bench and use fresh veggies like shredded carrots, chives or green onions.

Recipes to try:


Finger foods
You can still enjoy traditional finger snacks but instead of frying, use a healthier cooking method like baking, sautéing, or roasting in order to cut down on fatty calories.


If you’re like me, there’s no passing up dessert during the Super Bowl.  To curb a chocolaty craving, use unsweetened cocoa powder in recipes instead of chocolate to cut the fat and calories. And remember, fruit makes a sweet and satisfying dessert too.

Recipes to try:


SO TELL ME:  How will you achieve your high Super Bowl score with healthy munching?

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