World Record Set: Most Kids & Adults Cooking Together

World Record Set: Most Kids & Adults Cooking Together

Last Tuesday my kids and I became world record holders! We participated in a cooking event sponsored by Uncle Ben’s where 100 kids and their parents all cooked at the same time. My kids already asked if we go back next year.

The Set Up
The event took place at the gorgeous New York Public Library in New York City. As we entered, each of my 3 kids was given their own passport and photos were taken. We were then assigned a country—ours was Mexico — and a dish to make. We then were set up at a cooking station and put on our cooking gear (aprons and chefs hat).

My kids and I were assigned to cook Fiesta Chicken Quesadillas. Before getting started, my kids grabbed the reusable grocery bag provided and headed to the farmer’s market (set up in the front of the room) to pick up the ingredients we needed.

Celebrity chef and New York Restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson was also there to lend a helping hand. He walked around and helped everyone cook their dishes from around the world.

Cooking Together
In order to set the world record, all 100 kids and parents had to be cooking at the exact same time. A woman from Record Setters came around to count all the kids and they made sure everyone was cooking together.

My kids are no strangers to helping me in the kitchen and they love to cook. While making our quesadillas, my kids helps pour ingredients (like the beans, cheese, brown rice, and chicken) into the pan, stir ingredients, and slice the quesadillas into bite-size portions.


After setting the world record for the most kids and parents cooking together, every kid was called up on stage and given an award. They were all beaming!

Then we all sat down together to enjoy the food and met other parents and kids (many were from the New York PTA). It was a wonderful experience that my kids thoroughly enjoyed. And any event that gets kids cooking is one I want to attend!

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