Kids Eat Right Campaign

Kids Eat Right Campaign

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By Catherine Cioffi, RD, Contributing Blogger

In recent years, more and more efforts have been launched toward reducing obesity in America. One such effort is the Kids Eat Right campaign, an initiative started by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics dedicated to reducing and ending childhood obesity in America. Supported by registered dietitian nutritionists across the nation, the campaign works every day to promote the importance of high-quality nutrition for children.

As I am very passionate about this campaign, look for future blog posts from me dedicated to childhood nutrition issues. But first, I wanted to introduce the Kids Eat Right campaign and explain what it’s all about.

About the Campaign
Kids Eat Right began in 2010, as the first joint initiative between the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its foundation to support the White House’s efforts to end childhood obesity. The campaign’s main focus is on education for parents, communities, and policymakers alike. Particularly, it offers scientifically-backed advice for children regarding an optimal diet for healthy growth and development.

The different types of campaign actions are numerous, including “mini-grant” opportunities, parent empowerment workshops, and public policy initiatives. The campaign’s website and social media promotions are also great resources, offering families a trustworthy source of nutrition information, which covers a wide variety of topics and life stages: from babies to toddlers to school-age children and teens.

Importantly, the Kids Eat Right campaign goes beyond just information and recommendations, offering many useful strategies, recipes, and tips for parents for putting the guidelines into practice. These tips are centered on the “Shop-Cook-Eat” theme, which emphasizes three key principles:

  1. Shopping for healthy foods
  2. Cooking nutritious meals and snacks
  3. Eating together as a family

Each week the campaign also releases a new set of resources related to these ideas, called the “Monday Messages,” which includes a new recipe, an informational article, a “hot tip” and a featured video. To see this week’s messages and to follow future messages, click here.

Getting Involved
Anyone can support the campaign by going the Kids Eat Right website and making a charitable donation. I’ll be getting involved myself by contributing regular articles for Toby’s blog to raise awareness for the campaign.


MY QUESTION TO YOU: What issues do you struggle with as a parent? What questions do you have related to childhood nutrition? Let me know, and it might just be featured as a future topic!

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