31 Days of Healthy Eating: Day 7 Tip from Leah McGrath

31 Days of Healthy Eating: Day 7 Tip from Leah McGrath

Leah McGrath

Day 7 tip comes from a fabulous supermarket dietitian, Leah McGrath, who I recently had the chance to sit down with over some cheese and wine. Needless to say, I was impressed with her passion for nutrition and healthy eating. Enjoy her words of nutrition wisdom!


It’s Not About the Numbers

Realize that good health is more than a number on a scale, an amount of calories, or a clothing size and also encompasses your physical activity and happiness. Don’t be so consumed with numbers that you miss out on opportunities to experience joy in your life with your friends and family. Include activity in your day whenever possible. Try not to compare yourself with others and focus on your own health and fitness at any size.


Leah McGrath is a Supermarket Dietitian and has also worked in public health as w WIC and Nutrition Director and served as an officer and a dietitian in the Army.  She is the creator of @BuildupRDNS – a twitter handle and Facebook page to celebrate the accomplishments of dietitians who #stand4science.  She is active in the local foods and restaurant community in Asheville and blogs at inglesnutrition@blogspot.com 

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