Farm-To-Table: What Does It All Mean?

Farm-To-Table: What Does It All Mean?

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By Joni Garcia MS, RD, Contributing Blogger

You’ve likely heard of one of the latest food trends – farm to table.  I know anytime I see this term on a menu or an article talking about it, I’m instantly drawn to it.  Using this principle in your diet can do wonders, but it’s not necessarily a no-fail approach to eating healthy.

What is Farm to Table?
The farm-to-table movement started a few years ago and is still going strong. The concept of the movement is exactly how it sounds – putting food directly from the farm into our homes and onto our plates.  More farmers’ markets popping up, more restaurants serving local and regional fare, and rising popularity of community supported agriculture (CSA’s)…these are all examples of the farm-to table-movement.

Why Follow Farm to Table?
Taste is a huge factor (for me anyway). Once you taste fruits and veggies that were just picked that morning at their peak ripeness, you’ll never want to go back to eating them any other way.  Produce picked at the peak of ripeness also means it’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. Getting to speak with the growers and really understand their growing practices is very informative and another huge advantage. You can even ask the farmers about food prep, cooking tips, and recipe ideas.

Other Considerations
Although the food may be straight from the farm and packed with nutrients, it’s important to remember how you’re preparing the food.  Adding tons of less healthy ingredients can mean disaster. Consider this not only at home, but when you’re eating out at farm-to-table restaurants too.  Talk to the chef and ask how foods are prepared. And if the restaurant’s focus is on choosing local foods, take the opportunity to speak to your server or the chef about where they source from and the farmers’ practices.

Tell Me: What’s your favorite thing about the farm-to-table movement?

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