Kids App Review: Food Leap

Kids App Review: Food Leap

Food Leap Home screen
By Lexi Orlan, Contributing Blogger

Since today’s media often influences kids with advertisements for sugar-sweetened and high calorie foods, kids sometimes forget about the healthy foods available. Creator of the website Super Kids Nutrition, Melissa Halas-Liang recently released a fun and educational new app, Food Leap, to help introduce healthy foods to kids. Check out how your little one can enjoy this app.

What is Food Leap?
Food Leap is an educational food and nutrition app for kids ages 4 years and up. The purpose of the app game is to collect and categorize different produce based on color in order to rack up points. A new high score can be achieved by collecting more produce, plus you can also gain something called “plant power” by collecting flower petals. The more plant power you have, the more obstacles you can get through!

Food Leap Broccoli

My favorite part of playing this game was that each time you gained enough points, you unlocked a new produce. Then, when you go to the plant power, you can look and read the interesting fact about that specific food item. I also love how Melissa includes unique produce items such as jicama, a root vegetable many kids are not familiar with. This app makes learning about available produce fun and exciting, and it teaches them a few healthy facts along the way.

Food Leap Walnut

Should You Try It?
Not only is Food Leap great for kids, but it’s just as great for parents. Food Leap has links to access both Melissa’s website, Super Kids Nutrition, and the National Restaurant Association’s Kids Live Well website; all you have to do is get through the parental control by solving a simple math problem. Melissa’s website offers great nutrition information and tips for parents with kids, as well as tools and resources parents can download to teach their kids at home. The National Restaurant Association’s Kids Live Well website also offers parents resources for choosing healthy foods for their kids.

Food Leap is a wonderful free app compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Food Leap Berries
Lexi Orlan is a junior dietetics major at the University of Delaware. She hopes to become a registered dietitian and use her passion for food and health to better others’ lives.

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