In the News: The Ketogenic and Whole30 Diets and Which Alcohol is Better?

In the News: The Ketogenic and Whole30 Diets and Which Alcohol is Better?

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By Toby Amidor, MS, RD

Lots of interesting stories in the nutrition world this week. With the Environmental Working Group (EWG) coming out with their 2017 Dirty Dozen list, I had lots to say to Plus, many new fad diets have been making waves including The Whole30 and Ketogenic Diet which I weigh in on.

  • The Dirty Dozen 2017: The fruits and veggies with the most pesticides via — Although the EWG released their Dirty Dozen list last week, I weighed in on why this list creates fear among folks who cannot afford organic produce. These folks have been opting out of buying any fruits and vegetables thinking that conventional produce is “bad” for you.
  • Diet 101: The Ketogenic Diet via Healthy Eats — This diet has been used effectively for those with epilepsy, but is now making waves as a weight loss diet. In my latest Healthy Eats article, I review the diet and discuss if it’s a weight loss plan that is right for you.
  • The Whole30 Diet via Today’s Dietitian Magazine — This fad diet has also been gaining steam with many folks giving it a try. I review the plan and give the pros and cons of it in my latest Ask the Expert column.
  • Alcohol: Beer Vs Wine via Muscle & Fitness Magazine– My latest food fight pits two favorite boozes, beer verses wine. Find out which is my pick for the winner!
  • How Experts Use Whole Grains As A Secret Weapon via Oldways– Whole grains add nutrition to meals, and can be added in fun ways to everyday recipes. In honor of Whole Grains Sampling Day (March 29), nutrition experts including myself, weigh in on our favorite whole grain hacks.


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