Dining In Cape Town: Dinner Edition

Dining In Cape Town: Dinner Edition


By Toby Amidor, MS, RD

In January, I ventured across the world to the gorgeous city of Cape Town, South Africa. Lucky for me, I had a personal tour guide – my boyfriend Shaun – who was born and raised there. While in Cape Town visiting his lovely family, I ate at delicious restaurants with seasonal ingredients, visited the most incredible farmers market, and tasted amazing wine and beer. Here’s a rundown (with scrumptious photos) of the must-try places to have dinner in Cape Town.

Heading out to dinner

Heading out to dinner















La Mouette
Listed as one of the top restaurants in town, La Mouette has impeccable service and a three-course tasting menu.

For the first course, I selected  burrata, honeycomb, pine nuts, rocket oil, pickled aubergines, and mushrooms


The main course I selected was beef fillet, short rib, fermented shitake, crispy sweet potato, aubergine, and miso puree


For dessert, milk and honey, goats milk ice cream, honeycomb, honey cake, and grapefruit puree


In this restaurant, you select 4 plates from any section of the menu including Sea, Earth, Land, and Happy Endings. The display of culinary art is magnificent. Here are a few shots of plates ordered at my table of 6.

Cocktails included Saigon Smash with pink gin and kaffir lime leaf infusion with smashed raspberries, lemon juice, and holy basil (on the right). Dirty Ninja with vintage black vodka, spiced tomato juice, lemon juice, sriracha, soy, wasabi, and seaweed caviar (on the left).


From the Land category: Grilled chicken yakitori, pear and cardamom jelly, burnt pineapple


From the Sea category: Baby shrimp tempura, red pepper caramel, garlic truffle aioli


Black Sheep 
The seasonal menu changes daily, and is written on boards hung on the wall. Here are 2 dishes ordered.

Falafel balls, typically ordered at the bar but my  table was able to get our hands on one.


Feta and watermelon salad with mint


All meals, including one alcoholic beverage, ranged between 20 to 30 dollar equivalents.

Stay tuned for my next post on where to eat breakfast in Cape Town!

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