Pandemic News: A Collection of Food Safety Information

Pandemic News: A Collection of Food Safety Information

Between social media and non-evidence-based sources, there’s a lot of misinformation and fear-mongering going around about COVID-19. If you are looking for information based on reputable guidelines and resources, here is a list of articles I have written or been quoted in since March 2020 about the pandemic. If you have any other questions or concerns, please leave a comment and I will write something up. Stay healthy and safe! 

In this article for Food Network, I weigh in on whether elderberry syrup is actually proven to support immunity and fight cold and flu symptoms. 

Can hand sanitizer replace hand washing? In this article for, I discuss when it’s appropriate to use hand sanitizer and how to properly use it. 

There has been a lot of conflicting advice regarding safe handling of groceries during this pandemic. I wrote this article for on what the experts are advising about the safe handling of groceries. 

These three articles discuss the 10 mistakes people are making when ordering takeout and delivery. I write about everything from ordering, receiving, and how to store leftovers for optimal health and safety during the pandemic. 

Keeping a clean house, especially the kitchen, is important in the prevention of this virus. I break down how to properly clean your kitchen, according to official guidelines that I have been teaching for 20 years.

Since most of us are taking less trips to the grocery store, our meals can become mundane with boring pantry items. I provide 10 fresh and healthy recipes that can transform canned and frozen foods.

Cooking in bulk and ordering take out are great ways to save money and support local businesses during this pandemic. I break down how to safely cook, store, and reheat rice for optimal food safety.

Expiration dates, sell-by dates, and use-by dates can be confusing for consumers. In a time when we are trying to be resourceful in the kitchen, it’s important to be informed on what foods are safe to consume using these guidelines. I suggest 21 foods that have longer shelf lives.

Nutritionists share some delicious and healthy recipes using staple pantry ingredients. Time for inspiration in the kitchen!

You’ll find empty shelves of canned and frozen produce, but the fresh produce aisle is full. Many folks are concerned about eating fresh fruits and vegetables during the pandemic. I talk to experts including the president and CEO of The Produce from Better Health and the director of Food Safety and Social Responsibility at Naturipe Farms LLC to weigh in on this important topic.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas using pantry items, check out my recommendations for pantry staples and lots of recipes to cook up with these staples.



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