6 Not So Healthy Foods

6 Not So Healthy Foods

by Gail Watson, Contributing blogger

We try to eat healthy foods, but some so called “healthy” foods may not be as  as we think. Some foods may have more calories or hidden sugar that we realize. Although the package may tout the food as being healthy, we don’t always read the label and pay attention to the ingredients or how much we are eating.This can lead to eating more than we should, and some of those hidden evils may be undermining our diets.

6 Healthy Food Failures

Here are 6 foods that you may think are good for you, but are anything but.

  1. Granola: Oats, seeds, and nuts are healthful ingredients, but most granola is made a with added sugar and oils resulting in very high calories. Limit servings to 1/4 cup.
  2. Fruited Yogurt: Yogurt is a good source of calcium and protein, but many fruited yogurts are loaded with added sugars and sometimes fillers and colorings. Instead, choose plain yogurt and top with fresh fruit.
  3. Baked Chips: You may be tempted to munch on more chips because they’re not fried. However, the calorie difference between baked and fried isn’t that significant and eating too many can ramp up the calories pretty quickly.
  4. Bran Muffins: You may think that a big bran muffin is good for your digestive system, but a 2-1/2 inch Starbuck’s Raisin Bran Muffin has 400 calories and 19 grams of fat. Halve the muffin and save the rest for the next day.
  5. Sports Drinks: You may feel that reaching for a sports drink after an hour long workout is best, but many have added sugars which only adds empty calories. Be sure to check the labels, or choose fresh plain water for the best hydration.
  6. Reduced fat peanut butter: In order decrease the fat in peanut butter, food manufacturers remove the healthy fats and replace them with sugar and fillers. Be sure to check the ingredient label, or choose natural peanut butter instead made from peanuts and salt.

The Bottom Line
Don’t rely solely on health claims plastered on labels. Dig in and read the nutrition facts to get the full picture. And remember, even GOOD things should be consumed in moderation.

For more information on how to read food labels, check out the Food & Drug Administration’s website.

TELL ME: What unhealthy healthy surprised you?

  • Tejal
    Posted at 17:50h, 14 May Reply

    Regular peanut butter. I never read the ingredient list until I was 25. I was amazed at all the stuff added, and then switched to natural pb. Now I can taste the sugar in regular pb, and can’t eat a bite of it. (I also flip the pb in the fridge once in a while to distribute the oil. Never have to stir it, and still spreadable.)

    Whole grain crackers. Still has a lot of salt in it. And rarely actually 100% whole grain, usually the first ingredient is Enriched flour.

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about chips. Regards

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