A 9-Year Old’s Perspective on Food: Favorite Healthy Snacks

A 9-Year Old’s Perspective on Food: Favorite Healthy Snacks

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By Ellena Amidor, Toby’s 9-year old daughter

A note from Toby: Ellena recently asked me for the opportunity to communicate her thoughts on food and nutrition on my blog and I delightfully agreed! I feel parents can learn a lot from children through their writing and here is a perfect example. This is Ellena’s first post – but stay tuned for more to come. 

Every day is a new day. There are snacks and meals packed for school. Usually it’s carrots, cucumbers, yogurt or sandwiches. All of them are so tasty in my mouth. They feel like a junkie snack, but healthier. It is hard to choose from all the snacks my mom packs, so I’ll choose my top 5.

#1: Vanilla Greek yogurt topped with Rice Krispies and blackberries
I like it because when it touches my mouth it feels like a gust of wind flew by my sweating hot face when it feels like 100-degree outside.

#2: Strawberries 
I like strawberries because when I take a bite all the juice comes gushing down like a waterfall.

#3: Carrots with Ranch dressing
I like carrots with Ranch dressing because it feels like a nice calm breeze at the beach melting in my mouth.

#4: Chips with guacamoleorange slices
I like the snack because of its cold, calm feeling. It’s the part of the day where I can just sit, relax and close my eyes while eating this delicious, healthy snack.

#5: Orange slices
I like oranges because when I eat them, they blow like active volcanos shooting lava to the sky, but the lava is the juice.

As you see, I love all the snacks that come packed in my snack bag but these were my favorites.


GymnasticsEllena attends 4th grade in Westchester County, New York. She competes in the USA Gymnastics league through her local community center. Ellena enjoys going to the local farmers market and cooking with her mom.

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    Posted at 20:55h, 04 February Reply

    Thanks for such a great description of your favorite snacks. I loved the way you shared what you like about them and I could actually imagine myself eating them too! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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