Eat Better with ShopWell

Eat Better with ShopWell


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When you eat better, you feel better. Although this sounds like a simple concept, shopping for good-for-you foods can be a frustrating and confusing experience. With so many options on store shelves and claims on food labels, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This is especially true if you have certain diet concerns. To help make your food shopping a more pleasurable experience, the new ShopWell app the ShopWell website can help.

What is ShopWell?
Goals _APPShopWell is an app for iphone and Android and a website takes the guess work out of deciphering food labels. It can help you choose foods that meet your specific dietary needs. Each food in the ShopWell database receives a nutrition score based on your unique diet concerns. Products with a score of 70 or above are strong matches, a score between 40 and 69 are medium matches, and products with a score of less than 40 are weak matches.


Medium Match_APP


How Does ShopWell Work?
Whether in the app or on the website, the first step is to set up a profile in order to help meet your individual needs. The profile takes into account the following:
• GenderGender choice APP
• Age
• Health goals, like general health, weight loss, gluten intolerance, or vegetarian
• Diet concerns, like eat whole grains or avoid cholesterol
• Foods or nutrients to minimize in your diet, like added sugars
• Foods or ingredients you want to avoid due to food allergies or other intolerances

Once all this info is entered into your profile, you can browse the database for highly matched foods to add to a shopping list. Products are categorized for easy browsing and scores are easily visible. If you have a particular product in mind, you can use the tool’s search feature or barcode scanner. The scanning feature is only available on the app to help you scan foods while you are food shopping.

When you click on a category, a list of products and their unique score pops up. The products score is based on the product’s ingredients and nutrition facts as compared to your unique diet profile. You can click on a specific product to learn more about it, including the products nutrition facts panel and ingredients, and the rationale behind the score.

other matches

The tool also provides “trade ups” or suggestions for other products with higher scores that the user may want to consider. Once you’ve added all items to your shopping list, the list can be texted or emailed to you. ShopWell allows you to make quicker decisions at the market and make your entire food shopping experience a better one.

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