Healthy Eating Tips for Back to School

Healthy Eating Tips for Back to School


This post was sponsored by Revolution Foods.. All Thoughts are my own.

Getting your kids to eat healthy everyday can be a challenge. It takes motivation, planning, and a little creativity. But teaching your kids about food and nutrition starting from a young age is great for instilling healthy habits they will stick to into adulthood. This is what I attribute most to my kids’ healthy eating habits and love for food. And teaching them to love healthy food doesn’t just stop when they get to be teens and tween, like in my household. Nutrition education is a continuous process where everyone is always evolving. These days, I step up their healthy eating game to the next level—and here’s how.

The Importance of Nutrition Education
I’m pretty particular with whom I partner with. But when Revolution Foods approached me, I was honored because we are so in line with our mission to raise healthy eaters. Revolution Food designs, produces and delivers healthy, affordable meals to over 2,500 childhood education centers, districts, charters and community & after-school youth programs throughout the country. Their mission is to build lifelong healthy eaters by making kid-inspired, chef-crafted food accessible to all. To do so, the brand engages with students at every step of product development to ensure they create foods that kids will actually enjoy, works with renowned chefs to craft culturally and regionally relevant menus that broaden kids’ palates and, as the first company on a national level to offer a clean label supply chain, carefully selects real-food ingredients free of artificial flavors and colors.

And in addition to creating well-balanced meals touting fresh, high-quality ingredients that exceed nutrition guidelines, Revolution Foods works with key partners (such as FoodCorps and Share Our Strength) to bring nutrition curriculum, cooking classes, gardening lessons, veggie tastings and other education events to students. As a mom, it is so important to know that there are companies out there, like Revolution Foods, that take every step to ensuring our youth is properly nourished in order to reach their fullest potential in school

Revolution Foods believes that proper nutrition and healthy food can drive positive academic outcomes and help children achieve their true potential. Recent studies show that nutritious foods create improved health and academic outcomes. According to a recent paper published by UC Berkeley, students at schools that contract with a healthier school-lunch vendor perform better on tests.

Furthermore, a recent survey conducted by Revolution Foods which included 1,800 students and parents nationwide revealed that both the majority of parents (95%) and students (77%) agreed that learning about nutrition and healthy eating was an important part of their education.

Educating Kids About Nutrition
There are several ways my family and I eat healthy throughout the day. Here are a few examples of simple tips and tricks that may also work for you:

  • Eat Breakfast Daily: Ever since my kids were on solid foods, they ate breakfast. I even started my older two kids on oatmeal daily – and to this day, they’ll eat oatmeal regularly. I have instilled the idea of breakfast on my kids that if one day goes by where breakfast isn’t ready for them, they actually complain!



  • Place Healthy Snacks Strategically: I always have healthy snacks on hand, but the trick is to put it out where the kids can see it. As many people, including kids, eat with their eyes – the snack should be visible but also eye appealing. My favorite is to put a bowl of washed berries front and center in the fridge – or this bowl of clementines on the kitchen table where my kids pass by numerous times a day.



  • Show Kids Where Food Comes From: Many children are unaware of the farm-to-table process, or even what the fruit or vegetable looks like on the farm. I often take my kids shopping with me in the supermarket and teach them the different vegetables and fruit and how to select each. I also try to get them to our Saturday farmer’s market which showcases a variety of foods from fresh eggs to homemade jam. Also, every fall I take my kids apple picking, and then my entire extended family has a bake off (hello apple pies!). Some years I take them to farms with vegetable picking, like eggplant, string beans, and butternut squash. Through these various hands on methods, my kids have developed a true appreciation for  food, which leads to better appreciation of meals made with fresh, whole ingredients.



  • Educate On How To Balance A Plate: According to USDA’s MyPlate, half the plate should be filled with fruit and vegetables, one-quarter with grains, and one-quarter with lean protein. A glass of milk or dairy product should also be served on the side. Each meal I have my kids point out how their plate is set up, and tell me how it can be improved to be more like MyPlate. Of course, no plate is ever perfect, but if a plate is lacking vegetables, then I tell my kids to eat the missing food at their next snack.
  • Have Kids Participate In the Kitchen: Since my kids were young I have taught them how to cook. From opening packages to mixing to measuring, they have done it all. As teens and tweens, they are now old enough to put together their own meals (with a little assistance when using the oven and stove, of course!). Smoothies and making scrambled eggs are two favorite meals to make for breakfast in my home.



My New Goal
As healthy eating habits can always improve, I still discuss healthy eating goals with my kids. One healthy eating goal I’m aspiring to accomplish with my family in the new school year is:

#MyNewGoal is to teach my girls how to make poached salmon and use leftover herbs and food scraps to flavor the water (such as herb stems and lemon peel)

TELL ME: What is your #MyNewGoal for the new school year? Tell me in the comments below.


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