How Facebook Can Affect Your Self-Image

How Facebook Can Affect Your Self-Image

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Do you frequently untag yourself on Facebook pictures or criticize photos of others who post? A recent study found that the more time you spend on the popular social media outlet, the greater the likelihood of having a decreased self-image. Instead of letting social media bring you down, use these four solutions to make you feel like the beautiful person you are.

The Study
Facebook-logoA recent study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders showed that women spending more time on Facebook significantly increased the likelihood of a poor self-image. The study looked at female college students, but these results could apply to any age group of women, particularly those looking to lose weight. Although this study didn’t look at cause and effect, there was strong inverse correlation between social media use and body image in women.

The study also addressed the increased risk of eating disorders in women who have a lower body image. While having a decreased body image won’t necessarily lead to an eating disorder, it can lead to unhealthy disordered eating behaviors.

Here are some ways Facebook can decrease self-image. Instead of letting it bring you down, use these solutions to make yourself feel like the amazing person you are (inside and out!).

Unflattering Tag
A friend tags you in an unflattering picture, which makes you feel bad about yourself.

Instead: Change your settings so you are able to review any photos tagged. If you don’t like how you look, you can stop the photo from being tagged and posted on your wall.

Photoshopped Thin
A friend posts a picture, making herself look thinner than she really is.

Instead: Remind yourself that there are numerous apps that can make you look thinner and what you’re seeing isn’t necessarily real. Also remember that people tend to only post pictures that they look good in.

Super Braggers
You have friends who constantly brag online about anything and everything (like career or relationships)

Instead: Block this person from showing up on your timeline so you no longer see her posts. If she isn’t a “real friend” you may want to defriend her altogether.

Living the Life
You feel bad after scrolling through your news feed and seeing everyone else get married, have babies or go on lavish vacations.

Instead: Skip looking at your news feed! Spend time joining groups to meet and chat with people who have shared interests. “Like” a local running group to find a new running buddy or join a virtual book club.


Bottom Line: Think about how you feel before and after you use Facebook. If you constantly log off feeling worse than before you logged on, it may be time for a Facebook hiatus. Instead, spend that time calling a friend that makes you feel good about yourself, reading a book, or using other social media outlets like Pinterest to look up decorating or craft ideas that put a smile on your face.


TELL ME: Do you find that Facebook, or any other social media outlet, affects your self-image in either a positive or negative way?


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  • Caudia Lette
    Posted at 18:42h, 31 May Reply

    People don’t realize that Facebook is a marketing tool for self promotion.

    When you see someone posting a nice dinner or a nice trip, you automatically think “what a great life they have”. Well, not necessarily true. It could be the one good moment in months that they had, and they obviously are posting the heck out of it.

    What you don’t know is that the day to day of these people may just as well be hell, with depression, fights, cheats, relationship problems, failing families, and so on.

    So you must realize that people will only post the good things happening to them, and never the bad times.

    So, unless your friends post only good things all day every day, where there are no time for bad things, their life might not be what it seems on that self promotion tool.

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