Skyr Yogurt: My New Favorite Addition to the Yogurt Aisle

Skyr Yogurt: My New Favorite Addition to the Yogurt Aisle


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Dairy has always been a part of my snack time. Although I love cheese, milk, cottage cheese, and other dairy foods, yogurt is by far my favorite. Find out how I came to fall in love with yogurt, my newest infatuation that you can find in the dairy aisle, and ways to enjoy it.



How I Fell In Love with Yogurt

As a little girl, every summer I would head to Israel with my parents for two months. We would rent an apartment, live like locals, and meet up with friends and family. I would especially look forward to visiting my dad’s family in the city of Be’er Tuvia who had a small dairy farm. I would swing from an old tire that was hung from a tall tree eating fresh picked clementines from the orchard and watch the cows being milked.

When it came to snack time, yogurt was always my first choice. In Israel we had leben or labne, which is a thick, creamy yogurt. It only came in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Back in the U.S. my grandma would always serve me Dannon yogurt as a snack which I always love topping with strawberries or banana (or both!). At that time there were only a few brands that sold yogurt – and Dannon always made it into my grandma’s cart.

When I was in my 30’s I wrote my first cookbook The Greek Yogurt Kitchen, where I explained my love for Greek yogurt and creative ways to enjoy it.

When I recently discovered Light & Fit® Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt it was love at first sight and it has now become a regular addition to my snack repertoire– and here’s why.

About Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt

Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt has 15 to 16 grams of protein and 90 calories per 5.3 oz serving. It also contains 7 to 8 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of fat, all with the delicious sweet and tart taste, and thick, creamy texture that I love. My favorite flavor is Blueberry Acai but you can also find it in Plain, Vanilla Chai, and Peach Passion Fruit. The last time I went food shopping, the Vanilla Chai flavor was all sold out!

5 Ways to Enjoy

A single-serve 5.3 oz cup of Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt certainly fits into a healthy lifestyle. It also helps me meet the recommended 3 servings a day of milk and dairy foods. Here are 5 of my favorite ways to snack on it:

  • Top Light & Fit Blueberry Acai Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt with nuts like shelled pistachios. The addition of healthy fat to my protein in the Icelandic Style Skyr yogurt helps me feel satisfied.


  • Shave dark chocolate into any flavor of Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt to help satisfy my in-between meal sweet tooth.



  • Freeze Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt and enjoy it as a good-for-you frozen treat.
  • Dip sliced strawberries and banana chunks into Light & Fit Vanilla Chai Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt.
  • Blend Light & Fit Plain Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt into a smoothie with 100% pomegranate or cranberry juice, and frozen berries.


For more information and location on where to purchase Light & Fit Icelandic Style Skyr Nonfat Yogurt, check out the Light & Fit website.



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  • Albertina Geller
    Posted at 06:27h, 17 March Reply

    Yogurt is really fun to eat! HEalthyand tasty, it is perfect for everyone. I will surely check out the “Skyr Yogurt” next time I am out shopping for groceries. Keep up the great work!

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