31 Days of Healthy Eating: Tip 21 from Gena Seraita

31 Days of Healthy Eating: Tip 21 from Gena Seraita

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Happy National Nutrition Month! Continuing my series of healthy eating tips, day 21 tip is from registered clinical dietitian Gena Seraita talks about those liquid calories.


ReThink Your Drink!



A large source of extra and unnecessary calories come from sugar-sweetened beverages. Did you know a single can of soda can have the equivalent of at least 10 spoonfuls of sugar? Sweetened teas and sports drinks are not much better. Fruit juice, though made from fruit, can often be more like sugar-water after the juicing process. Consuming excess simple sugars, such as those found in these drinks, can put you at risk for several chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, I recommend skipping the sugary beverages and instead reaching for water!

If you’re looking for a change of pace want a change, try infusing your water with different flavors. I use all kinds of natural items to flavor my water, including fruit, herbs, and even veggies! Whether its lemon or lime slices, mint, berries, or even cucumbers, you can bring a ton of flavor to your water without the extra sugar and calories! Plus, it’s┬ámore refreshing and won’t lead to a sugar crash later. Try flavoring your water today and ReThink Your Drink!



Gena Seraita RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian and Senior Clinical Nutritionist at a top hospital in NYC. While she works full-time in an inpatient hospital setting providing nutritional care to patients with different acute and chronic illnesses, she is also active on social media and develops healthy recipes professionally. Additionally, she is a nutrition consultant for Toby Amidor Nutrition, PC. She loves to promote good nutrition and wellness to the community. She completed her undergraduate degree in Dietetics at the University of Delaware where she also completed her Dietetic Internship. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Clinical Nutrition at New York University while she is working. Gena lives and works in New York City and loves exploring all of the wonderful healthy food options it has to offer.

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