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Eat Better with ShopWell

April 27th, 2015

This post was sponsored by ShopWell  When you eat better, you feel better. Although this sounds like a simple concept, shopping for good-for-you foods can be a frustrating and confusing experience. With so many options on store shelves and claims on food labels, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This is especially true if you have certain diet concerns. To help make your food shopping a more pleasurable experience,…

2015 Dietary Guidelines: What You Need to Know & What You Can do NOW

April 16th, 2015

By Catherine Cioffi, RD, Contributing Blogger Coming fall 2015, the government will be publishing an updated version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans—a set of nutritional, diet and lifestyle recommendations for adults and children two years and older that focuses on preventing or managing obesity and chronic disease, two important public health issues in America. The guidelines will also serve as the…

It’s That Time Again…Top 5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Diet

April 14th, 2015
By Elizabeth Canepari, MS, RD, Contributing Blogger As the snow begins to melt and the sun shines a little longer each night, the calming sense of warm spring weather tends to drift over me. Spring is a time for fresh blooms, long walks, and a shiny new pedicure to prep your piggies for sandal wearing days. Along with all these joys comes the very tedious (but necessary!) task of getting your house, closets, and yard in tip…

5 Things to Do With Spring Greens

April 7th, 2015
By Joni Garcia MS, RD, Contributing Blogger Now that the weather is finally warming up, I’m getting excited for all things spring. I’ve noticed some early spring veggies popping up at the market and on magazine covers, which is inspiring me to get into the kitchen. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to appreciate and love all kinds of greens, like Swiss and rainbow chard, kale, spinach, and collard greens. These…

How to Add Vegetables Into Kid-Friendly Meals

April 2nd, 2015
This post was sponsored by Champion. By Mary (Yue) Sun, PhD, Guest Blogger The biggest problem parents seem to have is finding creative ways to get their kids to eat more veggies. But getting your child to eat healthy shouldn’t be a burden. Here are 3 quick and easy ideas to boost your kiddos veggie intake.
  • Make a healthy dip: Research shows that dips are a great way for children to increase their vegetable consumption.