5 Cool Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

5 Cool Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

By Stephanie Perruzza MS, RD, Contributing Blogger

The summer heat has picked up and with it the importance of keeping cool. The rising thermometer can leave you feeling drained and dehydrated if you don’t focus on your fluid intake. When it comes to hydrating, choose something you enjoy, but keep in mind sugar content to avoid excessive calories.

Beat the Heat
Staying hydrated is important for your health and well-being. In warmer weather, it can be tough to maintain your fluid balance. The amount of fluid you need each day is based on a few things, including your gender and activity level. Generally, men should be drinking about 13 cups and women about 9 cups per day. When it comes to hydration, water from fluid and certain foods is the easiest way to help you meet the recommendations.

Keep in mind these tips below to stay hydrated:

  1. Food = Fluid. Remember, fruits and veggies contain water too! Watermelon, grapes, berries, bell peppers, tomatoes and other juicy produce contain tons of water to keep you hydrated.
  2. Be Aware of Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages can lead to additional fluid losses; for every alcoholic drink have one non-alcoholic. Remember to drink in moderation, the American Heart Association recommends up to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.
  3. Don’t Wait. One mistake that’s easy to make is waiting to drink until you feel thirsty. Thirst and dry mouth can be signs of mild dehydration. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, it’s important to drink regularly throughout the day and listen to your body!

Happy Hydrating!
Here are some of my favorite drink ideas to stay hydrated in the summers heat:

#1 Water
Try jazzing up plain, unflavored water by adding low-calorie natural flavorings. My favorites are cucumbers, watermelon, ginger, mint leaves and citrus fruits like grapefruit or lime wedges.

#2 Coconut Water
Very low in calories and a host of vitamins and minerals, who wouldn’t want to choose this bevvie to cool down? Coconut water also contains many essential electrolytes to help replenish your body after a day out in the sun.

#3 Unsweetened Decaffeinated Iced Tea
Decaffeinated iced teas can be very refreshing on a warm day! Black and green tea varieties come in many flavors like raspberry, peach or mango just to name a few. Make sure to buy unsweetened or make your own with only 1-2 teaspoons of sugar, honey or agave per person.

#4 Homemade Coolers
Refreshing coolers are super fun and tasty to make during the summer plus creativity is always encouraged when in the kitchen. Berries, mangoes, cantaloupe and herbs such as mint, basil and ginger add great aroma and flavor.

Recipe to try: Jessica Levinson’s Blueberry Basil Cooler

#5 Seltzer
If you love carbonation, seltzer is your best bet! Seltzer has no calories and no sugar but still has that bubbly zip. My favorite flavor is cranberry-lime, but others to try include lemon, peach and strawberry. Feel free to add your own fruit as well!!

SO TELL ME: What drinks help keep you hydrated?


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