5 “Sense”-si-ble New Years Resolutions

5 “Sense”-si-ble New Years Resolutions

By Stephanie Perruzza, MS RD, contributing blogger

As you bid farewell to 2012, take a moment to reflect on all the accomplishments you’ve made and all the obstacles you’ve overcome.  After looking back for a moment, shift your focus to new beginnings, ambitions and reaching new heights in the year ahead.  And when doing so, remember, the “how” is equal if not more important than the “what”.

Solutions to Resolutions
Weight loss, diet makeovers and upbeat exercise regimens typically fall near the top of the New Year’s Resolution list.  Thing is, it’s easy to make a resolution, such as “eating right”, but it’s pretty tough to execute and maintain such a comprehensive statement all year long.  Below are some examples of good resolutions:

  • Make time twice a week to eat dinner as a family
  • Learn to make a new recipe once a week
  • Be more active through walking, running or an aerobics class (like zumba or Boot Camp)
  • Improve diet by adding more whole grains or measuring portions


Keeping Your Resolutions
With any lifestyle change it’s important to move forward realistically and gradually in order to successfully reach your goals.  By ringing in the New Year with a “sense”-si-ble attitude towards your resolutions will allow you to continue going strong all year long!  So for 2013, remember to use your senses to help achieve your goals.

#1 See  
Monkey See Monkey Do. People often achieve better results if they have a friendly support system cheering them on!  Surround yourself with someone who has similar aspirations to help keep you motivated every step of the way.

#2 Hear
Ears Open Wide. Listen more to your friends, family, and colleagues. By listening to others you begin to better understand and find the underlying meanings in what others say. Furthermore, listen to yourself and inner wisdom to help you reflect on better choices related to your goals.

#3 Taste
Please Your Palate. Try something new with food.  This will allow you to keep an open mind towards your meal choices and to express your creativity!  You’re more receptive to change when you have an open mind, which will allow you to progress towards your goal.

#4 Smell
The Nose Knows.  You may not think of this sense as a means to help achieve your New Year’s resolution.  However, the sense of smell is very powerful in affecting your mood and outlook on certain objectives.  Whether it’s through the aroma of your favorite meal or the scent of your favorite candle – focus on how this sense makes you feel.

#5 Touch
Reach Out and Touch.  Specifically, the lives of others.  Give more, either by volunteering, mentoring, or staying active in the community or an organization close to your heart.  By helping others you help boost your attitude and motivation to continue reaching your own goals.

SO TELL ME: How will you stay “sense”-si-ble about your New Year’s resolution?

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