5 Things to Do with Orange Foods

5 Things to Do with Orange Foods

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By Joni Garcia, MS, RD, Contributing Blogger

The color orange is the epitome of fall colors.  It’s everywhere this time of the year, and I’ve noticed more and more orange veggies popping up at the market and in my CSA share each week.  While the orange bounty is delicious and SO healthy, thinking of new ways to incorporate these foods into your routine can be challenging.

The Power of Orange
Some orange veggies you’ve likely heard of include sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, and winter squashes like butternut squash, acorn squash, and pumpkin.  These gems are excellent sources of vitamin A which helps keep your eyes healthy skin looking young and fresh.  Another great thing about orange veggies – if you don’t get around to cooking them right away, they tend to keep well (up to a few weeks!) if stored properly.

5 Ideas for Orange Veggies

#1: Soups
Once the weather starts cooling down, I enjoy yummy soups.  Sweet butternut squash always hits the spot.  Blend baked squash with chicken or veggie stock and spices, like nutmeg or ginger, for a bone warming delight.

#2: Pancakes
The most amazing fall breakfast hands down is pumpkin pancakes.  I discovered these last year when I had leftover canned pumpkin and they’ve quickly become a weekend breakfast staple.   To make, add a few tablespoons of fresh cooked or canned pumpkin and a bit of maple syrup to regular pancake mix.

#3: Salads
Beets are another veggie that’s in season right now.  Golden beets with their gorgeous hue are a fun change of pace from the typical red variety.  Try them roasted and tossed with oranges over a bed of your favorite greens.

#4: Egg Dishes
Potatoes and eggs are an all-American staple.  Try sautéed sweet potatoes topped with eggs for a meat-free meal anytime of the day.

#5: Roasted Seeds
The seeds from your Jack-o-lantern don’t have to go to waste.  These babies are nutrient powerhouses, packed with protein, fiber, and magnesium.   As a kid my mom always roasted the seeds from our fresh pumpkins and we snacked on them as we carved away.

TELL ME: What do you like to do with orange veggies?

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