A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

A Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Question: My daughter was just diagnosed with celiac disease and this will be our first gluten-free Thanksgiving.  Can you provide some tips and recipes so that our family can be gluten-free while still enjoying all the best that Thanksgiving has to offer?

Answer: A gluten-free Turkey Day can be every bit as enjoyable as a traditional one.  With a gluten-free turkey as the main attraction all you need to do is work some magic with the sides and desserts and you’ll be good to go.

Preparing for the Big Day
Whether you decide to go all out gluten-free or offer some gluten-free dishes, you’ll need to start by choosing your recipes. It’s a good idea to test your recipes before serving them especially dishes that you’re not so familiar with. This includes gluten-free stuffing which is typically made from gluten-free bread or corn and gluten-free cake, where you’ll find the cake batter has  a thicker consistency than a wheat one.

It’s also a great time to start a “gluten-free recipe file” to hang on to the recipes that everyone loved best.  It’ll be helpful for next year’s Thanksgiving dinner but also for the coming months when root veggies are in season.  

If you decide to offer a few dishes that contain gluten like traditional stuffing or pie, then be mindful of cross-contamination when preparing the dishes. You can either use two different work spaces in your kitchen or clean and sanitize counters, utensils, equipment, and your hands between gluten and gluten-free products. For foods like breads and muffins, crumbs can get stuck in the cracks of the baking pan. Either buy disposable baking pans for the gluten-free foods or buy a second set to always have on hand.  

To make it easy for your guests (and your daughter), identify the dishes you serve. This way you’ll spend less time answering questions and more time enjoying the meal. Use small labels or create a printable menu so the guests know which options are gluten-free.

Gluten-free recipes to try:

TELL ME: Are you cooking gluten-free this Thanksgiving?

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  • lindsay
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    Love all the wonderful recipes. GF can be fun if we take of advantage of our creativity in the kitchen!

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