The Farmers Market: A Family Affair

The Farmers Market: A Family Affair

My youngest choosing strawberries

One of my favorite activities to do Saturday morning is to hit my local farmers market with my 3 kiddies. This is also the perfect opportunity for me to educate them about various local foods and get some taste testing in.

The Produce

Loving the blueberries!

Colorful fruits and veggies draw the attention of my kids almost immediately. Walking through the fruit section, I allow each child to choose 1 favorite to take home. My older daughter chose blueberries while my youngest chose strawberries. I had to explain to my youngest why these strawberries are much smaller (yet much sweeter) than those found in my local supermarket.

We also took a walk around the veggies where I explained the various leafy greens and bought a fresh bunch of radishes for me (one of my all-time favorite snacks!)

The Bakery
Like most kids, mine flock to the bakery and start begging for chocolate anything. As the cookie and brownies are enormous, I’ll buy one or two to share amongst us – inevitably we always end up saving more than half for later.

Delicious berry pies and danishes also line the baked goods table—I usually stick to tasting since the calories are still high in these baked goodies. If I do have guests coming, I will splurge on a small pie.

Pickle on a stick

Other Goodies
One of my kid’s favorite booths is homemade pickles and olives. For about 2 dollars total, each of my little ones can get a pickle (or olive) on a stick. As we’re waiting on line for their pickles, they’ll use a toothpick to taste the varieties – this is a good way for me to review their tasting etiquette and make sure they don’t double dip. My 5-year old loves olives so much, we always end up buying a small container of her favorite (stuffed with garlic cloves is usually the winner).

Another booth that I went gaga over is the dried fruit and nut booth. Although I do prefer fresh over dried in the summer, it was a great opportunity for my kids to taste a variety of dried fruit like apricots, papayas, mango and more. Dried fruit is a perfect snack to pack when we travel by plane or car.

On this particular Saturday, after we finished choosing our goodies for the week we went across the street where a local band was playing at the park. All four of us sat on the grass, listened to tunes and snacked away. I find these mornings have not only become educational, but also a great way I bond with my kids.

TELL ME: Do you take your kids to the farmers market?


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