31 Days of Healthy Eating: Tips from Nutrition Experts

31 Days of Healthy Eating: Tips from Nutrition Experts

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It’s the last day of National Nutrition Month! If you missed the month-long tips provided by nutrition experts around the country, here’s a round up of all 30 tips.


Lemond, Angela_crop


Day 1

Angela Lemond: Focus on the Positive



Dawn Blattner


Day 2

Dawn Jackson Blatner: It’s All About the Green Base



Elena Paravantes


Day 3

Elena Paravantes: Stop Depending on Highly Processed Foods



Rachel Begun


Day 4

Rachel Begun: Manage Stress and Negative Emotions





Day 5

The Nutrition Twins: Eat More Vegetables



sharon Palmer


Day 6

Sharon Palmer: Don’t Be Fooled by Bad Diet Advice



Leah McGrath


Day 7

Leah McGrath: It’s Not About the Numbers



Janet Brill


Day 8

Janet Brill: Make Time to Exercise



Stephanie Middleberg


Day 9

Stephanie Middleberg: Close Down the Kitchen After Dinner



Dana White


Day 10

Dana Angelo White: Utilize Your Freezer





Day 11

Manuel Villacorta: Get Cooking



Joy Bauer


Day 12

Joy Bauer: Short term and Long-Term Goals





Day 13

Gina Keatley: Eat More Food



Heather Mangieri


Day 14

Heather Mangieri: Never Sacrifice Health for a Busy Lifestyle



Melissa Joy Dobbins


Day 15

Melissa Joy Dobbins: Balance Protein Throughout the Day



melissa Halas Liang


Day 16

Melissa Halas-Liang: Aim for Color Every Day



Marissa Moore


Day 17

Marisa Moore: Get Enough Sleep



Jennifer Vagios


Day 18

Jennifer Vagios: Be REAL-istic



Kathy Swift


Day 19

Kathie Swift: Put a Little Culture Into Your Diet



Stacey Kluxton


Day 20

Stacy Cluxton: Keep Nutrition Simple



Gena Seraita HeadShot_vertical


Day 21

Gena Seraita: Re-Think Your Drink



Kacy Massie


Day 22

Kacy Cluxton Massie: Snacking is Important





Day 23

Maggie Moon: Eat Locally





Day 24

Robin Plotkin: Getting To- Or Back To -The Kitchen



Joy Dubost


Day 25

Joy Dubost: Alcohol in Moderation



Danielle Omar


Day 26

Danielle Omar: Create a No Guilt Zone



Jim White


Day 27

Jim White: Drink a Glass of Water with Every Meal



Natalia Hancock


Day 28

Natalia Hancock: Make Your Home a Safe Zone



Christy Wilson


Day 29

Christy Wilson: Have a Plan





Day 30

Zipporah Oksman: Eat Healthy Together




sheridanAlicia S_sqaure


A special thank you to my awesome nutrition interns who made these month long tips possible. Thank you  Sheridan Jonas and Alicia Slusarek!







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